Shaadi Mubarak 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini says the film is not proof

Shaadi Mubarak 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini says the film is not proof

The episode begins with Neelima saying that I know Arjun is my successor. She asks Neil not to go to tuition and welcome to Arjun’s house. Neil definitely says as you say. Neelima asks KT where Arjun is, he is fine. KT says relax, they come in a while. She says I will prepare the Arjun room, Neil’s room is so beautiful, Neil can change into the guest room. Sneha says you can transfer Arjun to the guest room.

Nilima gets angry. Neil says I will move, that is not the problem. Preethi asks when Arjun will come. KT says some time. She asks if Nandini agreed to be with you. He asks Gopal to get fresh flowers. She asks what Nandini said. Neelima says that from now on we will have Arjun’s fav food. Sneha says we don’t know their likes. Neelima is right.

Nandini knows, Preethi says we will listen to her. KT says there is no need to call her, Arjun is coming, you can hear him. She asks if she’s fine. They say yes. They say you think you’re hiding something. He says nothing. Nilima goes to welcome Arjun. She makes his tilak and Aarti. Arjun asks Nandini to come. Nandini comes. They are shocked. Shivaraj asks what are you doing here? Arjun says KT asked Amma to come.

Nandini asks why are you all shocked as you see the devil. KT didn’t tell all of you, not even Preethi, that he had to tell Preethi that his ex-wife was coming home. Preethi knew about this, I told her, ”says KT. Preethi looks at him and cries. She said yes, he told me you were coming, he would not hide anything from me.

Neelima says you haven’t thought of telling us. Nandini says we wait in the car, you all discuss, we need to be here now. She picks up Arjun. Neelima asks what’s going on. KT says it all. When you meet your mother, FB will show Arjun that he will come to your house, make it possible and you will Preethi me properly.

KT Yeah, I can’t keep you away, fine, I’ll put up with Nandini for your sake, I’m married to Preethi, don’t expect much. FB ends. Shivaraj scolds KT for deciding it alone. She befriends Arjun’s grandson, but it’s not okay for Nandini to be here. Sushant says yes, you cannot keep Preethi and Nandini under one roof.

Nilima says the KT decision was right, they did it for Arjun, we care about Arjun, not Nandini. Shivraj says we invite a big problem, she got us bad intentions and ruined us, have you thought about feelings of Preethi? Nilima asks if Preethi will decide it.

KT says her decision, I took loving advice in this. Nilima asks what is the problem now. Preity tells Neela to get Arjun. Shivraj gets angry. Neil brings Arjun and Nandini. Neelima takes Arjun. Nandini says KT has a habit of lying for my sake, he lied to keep me with him, he does it for my Preethi. Preethi says you ran away from him, he looks at you like Arjun Amma. They argue.

Neeleema asks Arjun to take KT’s help and set up his room. Arjun agrees. Nandini asks Preethi to understand what she does now. Rathi comes to meet Kusum. Hearing the bad news made me feel bad, Sumed’s shop burned down and Priyanka’s alliance was broken, I don’t know what’s going on with you, keep my old slippers, I can’t see you in trouble. She makes a note.

She insults Kusum. Kusum gives her a note and insults her back. She took off her shoes, or else I hit the boots on your head, I give you good news, we broke Priyanka’s alliance, the guy is not good. Rathi picks up the shoes. KT Arjun asks him what the room looks like.

Arjun says its good. KT says if you need any changes let me know. Nilima says KT is great in interior decoration, we decorated our bedroom after the wedding. KT tries to go. He says we should spend time with Arjun as a family. My wife is waiting. We meet. KT comes into the room. Preethi says shut the door.

He asks why. If I get angry and scream at you, they say the family doesn’t like it. He asks if you scold me. She said yes, go and shut the door. He closes the door. She asks why she came to Nandini’s house, you lied that it was our decision, you should answer me. He looks at her.

Precape: Nandini says the film is not proof of your and KT’s relationship. She throws it away and I prove KT Preethis me, then you go out of our lives. Preethi you go out of our lives, that’s my challenge.

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