Shaadi Mubarak 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kusum KT Nandini is worried

Shaadi Mubarak 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kusum KT Nandini is worried

The episode begins with Nandini dreaming of seeing Katie and making him romantic. Her ghunghat flies through the air. She turns away. KT looks at her. He fidgets. Nandini thinks for just 2 days more then you lift this ghunghat. Kusum says you didn’t get it in two hours. Love says we need some more evidence, try to remember about her. Kusum says I remember her teeth. Love says her car number. Wait Kusum, I remember, she was wearing a sari, she had a big bag in her hand, diamond dry cleaners written all over it. Seeking love says I got the number.

Preeti calls Dry Cleaners and says ‘I am M Nandini’. Kusum signs up to talk to her. Love asks when do I get clothes. The guy says at 5pm, I messaged you. Kusum says she’s fine and we’ll go. I have to collect my clothes from dry cleaners, you know what to do, “says Nandini. Madhu looks after her son Neil. KT says don’t bother my little baby. Neil hugs him. He asks how you are. KT says I’m fine. He asks Madhu to eat something for Neil. Madhu goes to get a milkshake. KT says you’ve got a good physique, what do you eat, is there any girl in your life. Neil says no, I’ll say it first. He gets a client call. He answers Arjun’s call. “I need emergency help. I have Golgappa. I have to go to the washroom. Tell me if any hotel is nearby,” Arjun says. KT says my house is close, come home, I’ll send you the place. Thank you Arjun. Nilima asks who is coming.

Nandini gets a call. Arjun’s mother, I did as you say, KT called me home, I meet the whole family. She’s amazing, do as I say, if you convince your nanny, it means you’re close to KT. Arjun says okay. Kusum asks if you can walk. Love says yes. Priyanka comes home. Kusum asks what happened, Amit, where did you come by walk. Love is all right between you two. Kusum asks if you fought with him, which ruins the family name. No Priyanka, we went to the mall, the lift was not working, we were tired of taking the stairs. Kusum really says, the alliance is hardly fixed, nothing can go wrong. Priyanka says yes, don’t worry. Kusum asks if she needs water. They leave. Priyanka thinks I can’t tell mum about Amit’s behavior, this relationship is good for mum. Arjun comes to Katie’s house and runs to the washroom.

Neelima signed KT and smiled. KT says he went to the washroom. Kusum and love hide. He waits for Nandini. Nandini comes. She broke Katie’s heart, Kusum says I don’t want to leave her. Love is in pain. Kusum holds her. Nandini comes to the shop. KT asks if you’re fine. Arjun says yes. KT introduces his family. Arjun says I am AT, just like KT. He touches the sapphire’s feet. Neelima blesses them. She asks him to sit down. You stay in Singapore, you learned the values, ”KT said. The mother taught me, my father was a good value, can I call you a nanny, ”says Arjun. Neelima looks at Katie. Arjun is KT Pa and you are his mother, so you are my nanny, okay. Neelima laughs and says yes, you can call me a nurse, maybe I can find peace. Arjun the Great Nanny says, I have a request, its my mother’s remarriage, you should come. She asks what we will do there. They say they bless your son. KT looks great. As Arjun says I am now my nurse, my father as your son, bless him. Nelima says for sure, we’ll come.

Arjun says I prayed my father to persuade him to marry so that our family would be full again. She says for sure, we pray. Arjun hugged her and thanked her. Kusum gets a call from Astha. Love goes to Nandini. Nandini looks at her and thinks that I cannot come to love. She runs aside and hides. Kusum goes shopping and asks about Nandini. Nandini thinks she came here after me to get money for Kalash. How does Preity know this Kalash woman, what is happening, she thinks she is looking for me. That guy says I don’t know. Nandini listens to him speak. She tries to leave. Nandini drops her phone. Goes to take love. Nandini looks at the picture of Arjun on screen. She thinks I don’t know love, I’ll marry Katie tomorrow. She takes her phone. Love says Nandini, I love love. Nandini says I did not recognize you. Kusum says you like to break things and heart. Nandini says you came after me for Kalash, you take the money. Kusum says don’t show me the money, you broke KT’s heart 17 years ago, I’ll settle the points with you. Nandini K.T. I call him, Kusum says he sees you. Nandini thinks my truth will come out before marriage and my plan will fail.