Shaadi Mubarak 21st November 2020 Written Update Episode

Shaadi Mubarak 21st November 2020 Written Update Episode

KT Arjun discussing his wedding preparations, but Nandini looks at him and remembers his happy days, when suddenly fans flutter her veil but she immediately covers her face before looking at Kirtan, but he always gets weird vibrations when KT looks at her presence? Nandini laughed and said it was only a matter of 2 days and after that, Kirtan would be her. Preity keeps searching for Nandini on google but can’t find any information, Kusum taunts her, When Preity asks Kusum to remember if he saw anything with Nandini, it can take her.

Thinking of her here and there, suddenly Nandini remembered carrying a bag of Diamond Shine Drycleaner, Preity searched for her number on Google and asked her when she would come to collect her dress by calling him Nandini. To which they answer to come at 5pm. On the other side, Nandini told Arjun that she was going to collect her dress and tell him to do what she said while he was shaking.

Snape wiped Neal’s face, revealing that she was the same person who met Priyanka, at which point KT got there and hugged Neil warmly, addressing each other as a BB, and Neelima asking puzzling questions about it! Neil calls Katie a BB, which means Big Brother and KT calls him BB, which means Baby Brother, then Neil asks Katie if he is fine and he says he really missed them.

Arjun calls KT and tells him that he has eaten too much and now urgently needs to go to the bathroom. He asks KT to suggest some nearby hotels, but KT asks him to come to his house and send him the place, Arjun smiles. Nilima asks KT who’s coming? On the other side, Arjun called Nandini and told her that she had done exactly what she had said and was going to KT’s house.

When Kusum and Preity ask if they are fine, Priyanka comes back. She lied to him and told him nothing about Amit. Kusum has already had a lot of problems with this marriage and pray that everything will go well, she leaves, but Priyanka thinks this marriage is very important to Kusum and so tell her what Amit did Can not

Arjun comes to Katie’s house and goes straight to the bathroom.
Love and Kusum keep an eye on Nandini, Kusum keeps on cursing Nandini for what she did with Katie, at which point Love wins in pain, Kusum helps her when her leg is twisted again.

Arjun introduces himself to the KT family as an AT and receives blessings from Neelam, but when asked how he got all these traditional values ‚Äč‚Äčeven after living abroad? Arjun replied that his mother had taught him, and suddenly asks if he could be called a nanny?

Everyone sees him, Neelima smiles and agrees to it, then he invites everyone to his mother’s wedding, but what does Neelima say he’ll do there? He answers that she can bless her son, she looks at him in confusion, now she is his grandmother so he explains to her that his father is like his son, then he asks her to pray and he hugs her to the marriage and hugs her.

Nandini sees Kusum and Preity asking about her and hides from them thinking why they are behind her. At the time her cell phone was ringing and she was confronted with love, Kusum comes in and scolds her for behaving badly, Nandini shakes her head and Kusum shakes her head and reminds Nandini about KT, he only confronts her for all her actions and her phone call Takes off, Nandini looks tense.

Prekap: – Kusum signals Katie to come to her side when love and Nandini are worried.