Shaadi Mubarak 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Shaadi Mubarak 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update -The episode begins with KT, you insulted me in front of love, you know I forgot things, I didn’t intentionally leave you in the office, you got Nandini. She tells me I was unconscious, she took me here. She says she has insulted us, I care what she thinks of us. She asks if you care. They say you don’t understand. He goes. I want to understand, I respect our relationship and want to sustain it, she tells me how I can strengthen this relationship. Nilima says leave the false promises. She screams love too much. ‘

They say you wanted to rule in this house. Love says no. Neelima had warned her not to hurt Katie. She’s gone. Shivaraj comes to love and asks her not to feel bad about Neelam. He has been in mourning for KT years, I have a hope for you, you can bring him out of the sadness given by Nandini, you can find a place in this house. He blesses her and goes away.

Trying to make love. Sneha scolds Gopa and asks why love is here. Love says I came to prepare for me. Knowing this, Kushala / Neelama gets upset and says that we are not allowed to cook food. Love says but I like cooking food, there are some rules in this house, if she knows you are violating the rules, she is upset, go. Love goes on Neil says if love knows this, then…. KT says we need to know that. Love thinks what he is hiding. KT gets a video call. Nandini shows off her pink nail polish.

KT says it’s time to forget some things, you remember this tattoo. She says yes, you did it on our first anniversary, you won pain and fear for my sake. I hate you, dear name will be there now, I will delete your name as I remove you. She tells him not to do it. He says I will send you a picture of the love name here. Neil asks Katie to think again. Its decision was made by K.T.

Love stops the tattoo maker and sends him out. Neil is gone. She asks why love is doing this. KT says I am tattooing your name, you are my wife, I love you so I am married to you. She lied, you married me to avenge Nandini. They say don’t take my name. She is among us, she says I don’t need it.

He asks what you want. He remembers Nandini’s words and gets angry. I want to forget Nandini, I have been in her memory since I was 17, so I forgot to bring you home, I will not let you insult you again, I will have your name instead of her, I hate her, she will. You’ll be happy. She says don’t hate her name my love.

They say you are the wife of a superstar, but you shouldn’t say big conversations. You have always said that there is no need to forget things, you say you do not love me, accept it. He asks what you are saying, I love you so I can tolerate the pain. They say you don’t love me, it’s just a pretext, love just happens, its feeling, it can’t be shown like this. He kisses her and asks if you feel it now. He goes. She cries.

Juhi comes to Priyanka and asks if you didn’t come out. She gets a sumed call. What she asks for, I’m coming. They say a short circuit and fire appeared in the store. She’s gone. Nilima says who left the sandal here, who did it. Friendship says maybe its love. Neelima calls out love and screams for leaving dirty sandals at the entrance of the house. She asks love not to do this again. She asks Gopal to throw sandals out. Sneha says love maybe has a couple. I don’t care, Nilima says soon she will throw love out of the mansion.

Kusum is worried. They say that no one cries in front of Juhi and Sumed, do not express that they are bad with them. Kusum and her daughters cried. They say it will be a big loss. They say no one cries in front of them. Priyanka is worried. Shivaraj asks where is love. I don’t know that K.T. Neil asks what. Find out after Shivraj, it’s her first dinner with us, go and fetch her. Nelima says KT is tired, he’s from the office. Neil says I’ll get her. He goes and calls love. Love is coming downstairs. She loves family. Neelima stops loving.

Precape: KT asks if you have ordered the couch for love. Love says no. Nandini says I sent her that couch, you don’t have a husband and wife relationship with her, okay.

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