Shaadi Mubarak 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini cries

Shaadi Mubarak 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini cries – The episode begins with the closing of the KT cupboard. Preity asks Nandini why she has kept the items up to date. She says you are hurting yourself with Nandini’s memories. He doesn’t listen and locks in the washroom.

She shouts at him to explain. He flips the taps and ignores her. You are hurting yourself by thinking about Nandini all the time, it’s wrong, you can start forgetting her, throw her things, let me come to you, try to get out of this, throw away Nandini’s things, it hurts you, have you seen yourself, listen to me. She cries and says I must do something that will end the magic of Nandini on him. He remembers the words of love.

Nandini gets the envelope. She checks. Come on love and say your return ticket to Singapore, leave your bags packed, you lied and wanted to marry Katie, don’t try it again, don’t give up if you don’t want to lose your respect in your eyes. Nandini clapped. They say we both know KT loves me, I thought you were as calm as a cow.

When love takes its family, woman lioness incarnate, you cannot understand KT and my relationship, you try to incite me against KT, you think you can stop keeping my vows. No, you have lost your beloved husband and family, KT and my relationship has been connected since the time we became business partners, we have a mutual understanding, you don’t understand it, thanks to your cheap deeds, KT and I got closer, pack your bags and drop off. Nandini says I cannot go.

Love says I know you want to ruin Katie’s life. KT stopped me from filing a case, they stopped paying with my card, my check was bounced and they filed a case, you think about it, he didn’t take payment from me and he stopped me, he missed me a lot, he wanted to connect with me some sorry, ie Our love, it’s like a filmy story, I feel bad for you, love, KT always loves me, you mask him, he wears a mask to show me, when you hold his hand, one day he comes to me, I know him well, he knows me He is angry, his way of showing his anger, you cannot understand this, he has no anger, embarrassment and love for you, you are wasting your time, soon, I will be in Katie’s house and bedroom.

Neelima sends Gopal away. She gets tiffin and packs food. She calls someone and says yes, I packed tiffin. Neil comes in and asks why you are cooking, where the helpers are, and for whom Tiffin. Neelima scolded him.

Neil says I was talking. Friendship comes and asks what happened. Neil says nothing. Neelima says that your son forgot how to talk to the elders, Katie’s father has earned a lot, which doesn’t mean Neil wastes his time sitting comfortably. She’s gone. Sneha cries. Come on Neil Mom, there is nothing in the heart of Sapphire, you will love it, stop crying.

KT asks what is the need for this celebration. Shivaraj asks Are you saying you don’t want me now. KT says you were suddenly married and brought love home, we didn’t say anything, we were respecting her, she was our bahu, you were her husband, sit in worship with her. Gopal says the pundit is calling.

Shivraj tells KT to change clothes. Nandini gets a call. She asks if I should say more or attend my call. Shivaraj’s call for love comes. Shivaraj says come home to worship. She says I will come. She was leaving.

Love and KT sit in worship. She remembers Nandini’s words. KT remembers his words of love. Shivaraj asks where Kushala / Neelima is. Sneha says she doesn’t like attending worship, so she leaves. Shivaraj says its fine. Pandita gives KT to Sindoor.

They say you know why wife Mang is full of sindoor every morning, he doesn’t think wife should shed blood for her husband, this sindoor is a sign, she swears to her husband. Love cries. KT fills her manga. She thinks I will do anything to keep the respect of this Sindoor and our relationship. Ike Tara… .prayers…. Pandit asks for a donation from the new Bahu, the problems are newly married.

Shivraj gives the keys. He asks for love and the right to give in charity. Love goes on She gets Nandini’s things in the box. Shivaraj asks what this is. Friendship asks Nandini’s things at home so far. Love says I want to donate it. KT asks who you are, you can’t do it. Shivraj KT He asks love to do what she wants.

Love I want to give up these things, and only then will our life find peace and happiness. Shivraj asks Chandu to take things. KT gets upset and goes upstairs. Love feels like I know you’re upset, but you can’t keep going, I want to see you happy, I can’t see you in pain.

Precape: Nandini cries and K.T. She is missing Arjun, we need to find our son. KT asks her to come. Nandini smiled. Seeing love.

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