Shaadi Mubarak 8 November 2020 Written Episode Update: K.T. He seeks love

Shaadi Mubarak 8 November 2020 Written Episode Update: K.T. He seeks love

The episode begins with KT saying I am ready to go and haldi. Baldev says you cannot wear a pants shirt, you have to wear the same clothes as all men. He shows Dhoti. I don’t know that K.T. He looks as the Baldev demo shows. It’s not a big thing, come on, get dressed fast, you’re a guest and a wedding planner, come fast, ”he says. He goes. KT asks how I wear Dhoti.

The woman praises love. Everyone laughs. Our work is so special that we serve ichs, nobody here needs to do any work, they love being happy. She checks her laptop. Suman asks if you know how to use a laptop. Love says I have learned now, it takes hard work, it feels like war. She shows her use of it.

Kusum says love has a big office, as big as this haveli, she has a big cabin. Love has accomplished a lot for you, we are like field trees here, ”says Suman. Love they have educated your children abroad, it is not small progress, big office does not matter to me, my self esteem is important to me, so I do not ask anyone for my needs, I am grateful to Laddu Gopal. Rathi dropped the pot and says it was a mistake. Buasa says its fine, humans make a mistake, put it aside.

KT tries to hug Dhoti. Buasa comes and asks what you are doing. Tell me I wore dhoti, you bride. They say I need your help. He asks what I can do. Buasa says love is the first woman to leave home and do well to earn her respect. At the end of the event I want to pay her respects, I need a good speech, you know the conversation well, you help me. KT says sure.

Love is always a good person, she respects me very much, I respect her, she is successful in all her roles, she does well in her job, she has chosen such a partner to work with, who is married, sensible, responsible, so that society does not point to her, it is her She is a symbol of consciousness, she always shows values, she never lies, she does all the work honestly. KT thinks that love made everyone believe that I am married, she believes so too, I did not dare to tell this to anyone, love has to tell the truth of my marriage.

Rathi is not a love boss but a real boss KT says he invested money in a big office. Kusum says Suman, in the human body, heart and mind must work, KT mind, love heart, they are together, they are equal, there is nothing like you and me, this is how Shadi Mubarak works. Love never knew Katie before, you weren’t afraid to work with him, says Suman.

Love is a good heart, they keep their relationships honest, they are a good son, a good husband and a good father, they are a good partner, they do all their duties. KT looks great. Suman asks if you have met his wife. Love says she’s in London with her kids. My heart broke when Kusum got married many years ago, I cried a lot, I saw him happy and he was happy, he loved his wife so much, he got flowers for his wife from France.

I was a little scared, I didn’t know, but my faith was strengthened, when I saw that he was working, Love says that he understood that he could not tolerate cheating and lies. KT thinks about how I lied to love, it’s enough, I tell her the truth. She calls and goes.

KT goes behind her. He hides from Buasa. Halwai asks to give thundai before love guests. She sees a tap leak and goes to fix it. KT comes in and says I should talk. He says I told you we can’t meet like this. The tap breaks.

She asks what it is. Water spills over them. Ike Tara… .Place… They try to fix the tap. They say I’m going to do something, you can scold me, but it’s the result. He takes the hair band from her hair and fixes it to the tap to stop the water. She stares at him.

He gets away. They say you get another one for tying hair, but it was imp. She says I told her to stay away. They say I must speak something, I have lied. She hides when she hears someone coming. She thinks someone is wrong. KT looks great.

Please go from here, love says matter will go wrong if someone looks at us. They say I should talk. They say we talk on the phone. They say I can’t say it on the phone. She asks what it is. Someone closes the door. Love checks in and says someone locked it from the outside, what should I do. She looks out the window.

KT says we should call someone to open the door. She says no, they misunderstand us, go. They say I have done nothing wrong and I will not go. She says well, I go. They wait, I’m a Hero, I do a stunt, I don’t like it, We didn’t steal from acting like thieves, A man and a woman can’t speak in private, I don ‘t agree.

She says my sasural, I don’t want them to think wrong of me. He’s fine, I’m doing this for you. She thanks him and asks him to be careful, so that anyone can see. He jumped out of a tall window. Rathi calls and talks with her mum. She looks at KT and tells you…. Why did you fly this way.

Precap: K.T. He seeks love. He went and listened to me, and two years after my marriage my wife ran away with her lover, which is my truth. He sees love with Buasa. The woman lifts the veil. He is shocked.

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