Shaadi Mubarak 8 November 2020 Written Update

KT tells Baldev that everyone has unique expectations and pulls out her jeans to wear in Haldi, but Baldev tells KT that he can’t wear pants, all men wear the same saris and wear the same dress, and Kothi requests them to wear KT He says there is no clue, but Baldev says the best way to do it.

Women admire love for the project, but she says her job is to make the family happy and critical, Love opens up her PC to work, but when she wonders how the town women realize how to use it?

When Bua Saw requests that Love show her the same way, she says she has figured out how to do it for a while, Kusum advises on Premiere’s office, Love has done a ton of things since getting into business and Suman has done an incredible job by sending her children to focus abroad. She starts to do these things to get her balance and she looks back and is happy that she got it now, then Rati throws a ship in disgust with their talk and requests that it happen deliberately. .

KT struggles to wear Dhoti, when Bua Saw arrives there and sees him, she tells him that she needs to marry him to create a discourse because she needs to be stunned and respected by love. She begins to appreciate the qualities, but regrets KT lovingly concealing the reality of her married life.

Rati insults that KT is not Shaadi Mubarak’s love, to which no one in the Kusum Association is more or less remarkable. Suman receives some information about his experience working with KT, telling him all the benefits of love, and educating him about how big a child, partner, father and companion he is, but KT asks him to take cover behind the entrance, she’s half good Suman inquires if she met?

Love refuses to tell her significant other life in London with her children, so she has never met her. Kusum says how devastated she is after KT sees her upbeat face, but she sees her upbeat face or another supports her, KT says that she cares about her significant other to some extent, KT does not care how anyone can mislead him and here he has betrayed love.

At that time love comes from the cook, she moves to see him and KT follows her, she goes to the kitchen to educate the cook when he leaves, see the water in love and try to fix it, KT comes to her and he has to reveal something to her, love is disturbed and he requests to leave. But he did not command, in this cycle the tap comes out and the water sprinkles love-KT Douce, KT approaches and takes her hook to the water (Ike Tara plays),

When someone looks at her like this, Love Strides asks for holes behind the voice and rack thinking, at that point it will definitely question their connection, because the faint love comes out and asks Katie to go from that point on without going to her and when someone bolts the kitchen entrance,

Love is terrified and requests KT to go out on a ventilator, but KT refuses to accept her musings because she says she’s done nothing wrong but it should change the way the town thinks and figures, she continues with it, she doesn’t need her parents to point to her character , But KT agrees to go with her. When Katie jumps out of the kitchen and Rati is surprised, Rati murmurs to her mother about the town’s problems, she questions him about jumping like this! When KT is frozen.

PreCap: – KT tries to get Swach clean about his other greatness with her, but is not ready to find her because all the women are in the same outfit, at which point he sees a woman wearing the same bangles as love and her believing that she is love, he informs her about leaving her lover after 2 years of marriage, but is shocked to see that love remains with Bua Nadi.

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