Shaadi Mubarak 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Shaadi Mubarak 9th December 2020 Written Episode Update –  KT saying I will call the police. He is worried because of you, we need to go and find him. He is your son, I have called the police, he will not take action 24 hours before, Nandini says. KT says he’s not my son and I won’t go. Preethi says you go, he is young, this city is new to him. He says he is not my son.

He says you can go for the sake of humanity, please go and help him, I’ll go. Nandini thinks my plan will fail if she comes. Preethi says I will help you find Arjun. KT stops him and says I go, Preethi is stubborn. Thanks to Nandini. He wouldn’t let her take her hand. She smiles. They leave. Shivaraj says Nandini plans to trap KT. I understand Nandini, Arjun is suffering in this situation, Preethi says that if he is innocent, tense and wrong action, we will not be able to forgive him. They say your purpose is good, I’m afraid this goodness will cost you a lot. He goes.

Priyanka cries in her room. Kusum comes and says don’t cry, it’s not your fault, forgive me. Priyanka says don’t say this. Kusum says you forgot your self esteem for my sake, I wanted you to marry for happiness, but to ruin your life, its good Neil said Preethi, otherwise I should not forgive all life, I am proud of you, I am full of good values ​​in all of you, your character to such ugly minds No need to prove, do not compromise in front of your self-esteem, how dare Amit break the alliance, we break the alliance, remove the ring. Kusum throws a ring.

Priyanka smiles. Kusum says that you should do this, when the husband does not respect his wife, he is not considered a man, you are protected by Amit, you should be happy, smile now, you are very beautiful. Priyanka embraces and thanks Neil, the biggest trouble of my life saved, I thought my mum tried to understand me for the first time.

KT and Nandini are on the way. He looks for Arjun. Nandini thinks you should keep busy searching for Arjuna, I will be busy enjoying this romantic drive, finally Arjun helped me. The FB shows Arjun asking Nandini to talk to him. They say I can murder Preethi if you say anything. She asks what she wants. He says yes, don’t talk to me. She tells him to run away. Where he asks, don’t take me away. She just says pretend and then I tell you who you want to meet.

He nods. FB ends. KT asks when was the last time you talked to him. Nandini says in the morning, she was worried that we were not married, she wanted us to be together, it was happening because of your adamant, I think he was fine. She cries and stands on his shoulder. He stops the car.

She Preethis talking to the driver of Neelima. The driver is in the garden, he was adamant to come here. Go to Neelima. Juhi gets her CA degree in the cereal box. She asks what she’s doing here. Kusum asks if you forgot, you are the best CA, join the job, I tell you, you can help Sumed.

Juhi you’re right, I forgot, thank you, I’m so happy. She hugs Kusum. Kusum says I don’t like hugs, I’m your sauce, leave me. Priyanka hugs Juhi. Going to see Preethi. She sees Neelima hugging Arjun. She looks shocked. Neelima says I need some time and nobody wants to see you.

Preethi how you got here Arjun asks. Neelima scolded her. Preethi asks why Nandini didn’t tell her about Arjun and KT didn’t want to go with him. Neelima says I don’t think it’s necessary to answer.

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