Shaadi Mubarak: KT calls on the tattoo artist to change the name

Shaadi Mubarak: KT calls on the tattoo artist to change the name

Shaadi Mubarak impresses the audience with his fascinating events. In the previous episode, Nandini is shown to be in preethi with her necklace and indirectly scolding her for getting used to it, but KT noticed that she gave Nandini a gift necklace in her Mooh Dekhai, he handles the situation with preethi and romance with Nandini Reminds her about it, because she lovingly asks Katie for a necklace!

She denies that she has any problem wearing a used necklace, but Nandini’s words continue to ring in his ears and he snatches the necklace from her, forcing his hand and her neck to bleed. He throws it into Dustbin and Terrified by the sight of his bleeding hand, he addresses her as Nandini in the heat of the moment and she tears him up.

Then Nandini laughs and says that her words are bothering Katie and that she is definitely back to his life, calling her in the bank to withdraw all her money when she warns him of her low account. Amit, on the other hand, accuses Priyanka of flirting with the waiter, and once again pours tea on him and becomes suspicious of her role. When Shivraj asks her to calm down, KT gets angry with her hairpin on her bed and then questions about preethi , but KT remembers how he left her when he reminded her of Nandini’s past.

Nandini tells him that there was an accident for preethi , then she remembers how she planned to slip into Katie’s house, she moves on and starts talking about past memories while living with him and stirring Katie to honor love now with his wife! KT defended himself that he loves love and goes from there. Nandini shows her fake sympathy for love and asks her to contact her if she needs anything, Shivraj warns Nandini to leave. Neelima confronts love and blames her for ruining her son’s life for her greedy purposes, but love freezes in her place.

Now in the coming episodes, KT calls on the tattoo artist to change the name of Nandini to preethi , at which point preethi comes in and stops the artist. She asks him what he was doing when he replied that he was tattooing his name because she was his wife, and she said that she didn’t need a love ink, that when he pulled his hand she was going and she kissed him and her cheek.

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