Shabnam, the murderer of seven family members, was hanged as the petition with the governor was pending

Shabnam’s hanging of the Bawankhedi murder case in Amroha has been postponed again. The district court in Amroha sought legal details against the killer Shabnam, but the governor applied for mercy on behalf of his lawyer. Because the mercy petition was filed again, the date of execution has not been set.

Shabnam’s execution was scheduled for Tuesday in the district judge’s court. It was already believed that Shabnam’s report would be submitted to the District Judge’s Court, and if no application is pending in this report, Shabnam’s date of execution could be set. A few days ago, Shabnam’s lawyers again petitioned the District Jail Rampur administration to seek mercy from the governor. This was mentioned at the hearing today. Because of this, it was not possible to set a hanging date.

A man has been sentenced to death for killing seven family members
Significantly, on the night of April 14/15, 2008, Shabnam killed 7 members of his family along with his lover Salim with an ax. Both the lower court and the Supreme Court upheld the death penalty in this case. In December 2020, the Supreme Court dismissed his review petition. Following this, the President dismissed Shabnam’s mercy petition. However, Salim’s mercy petition at Naini jail is yet to be decided.

CBI probe requested
Last week, Shabnam wept bitterly when he met his 12-year-old son, demanding a CBI probe, claiming he was innocent. Usmani Saifi, who is raising Shabnam’s son, said Shabnam, who is in the Rampur jail, asked if he had committed the crime, but he refused and asked for a CBI inquiry. Shabnam’s son told Taj that he should stay away from his shadow and become a better person by reading and writing.