Shakti 3 December 2020 Written Update : Tejinder thinks why he should marry Rohan Simran

Shakti 3 December 2020 Written Update : Tejinder thinks why he should marry Rohan Simran. At the beginning of the serial, Rohan tells Heer that he will marry Simran tomorrow. Muhurta is not beyond her happiness, whether it is or not. Prieto slaps Rohan and he sees only the joy of Heer, what he says about his happiness.

Rohan says he cares about everyone but he can die for Heer so he marries Simran.Heer hugs Rohan. She thanks him and tells him he was very nice to her. Virat says he did not believe in God but because of Heer, he started to believe and today his faith is further increased. Rohan says go now and get ready for marriage.

Now if anyone comes to this wedding or not, Heer says that this wedding will definitely happen.Prieto is so mad at Rohan that he said yes to the wedding. Prieto says and if they want to get married, break up the relationship with this house. Rohan says Barmeet doesn’t care that Simran has made the decision since she came here and then her daughter is also in the house. Harak says but Rohan’s own wish too. He never thought he would marry a girl like Simran. Rohan says yes he didn’t think so but he does all this for Heer.

Rohan cannot go from here because this house belongs to him and he is not happy as he is away from it. Prieto is right, this house belongs to him. Let’s start making shady things because tomorrow is Rohan’s wedding day, ”he says.Tejinder says there are only 15 minutes left and Heer has not arrived yet. Heer then comes and tells Rohan to marry Simran. Everyone is happy. Sant says he will organize a big task for Simran. Parameet admires Heer. And hugs her. Heer ease. Parmeet says God blesses Heer and she too soon becomes a mother.

Prieto remembers Rohan’s words and says that if Simran is good enough, then Parmeet will not be able to bother Heer.Tejinder thinks why he should marry Rohan Simran. Parmeet says why Tejinder is upset. He says no, happy. Simran asks herself if she will ever be able to love someone other than Arjun. Heer listens to this and goes to meet Rohan. She apologizes to Rohan and tells him what happens if Simran doesn’t love him. Rohan tells her not to worry about these things. Says you can afford everything.

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