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Shakti 3 May 2021 Written Update

In today’s episode of One of the Most Popular serial Shakti virat tells everything truthfully but Rohan does not believe his words and Rohan holds Virat’s collar and pushes him and if something gets hurt in the hands of Virat, Simran speaks, now just came to talk with you with a cool head and you are there is nothing to be heard and now we have nothing to say. I have no relation with this humans, Rohan says, “What relationship do I have to keep? Get out of you, Simran goes on to hold Virat’s hand and on the other side you will see that the song or fake policeman calls Harman.” After that, the policemen come in to arrest Soumya’s house, knocking on the door and Harak Singh opens the door and says yes, who do you want to meet, we have come from the crime branch, Harak Singh speaks crime. So they show Harman’s photo and say it is in your house, Harak Singh speaks, yes it remains, then he speaks We have to talk to this Harak Singh speaks. Come on, Harak Singh speaks. Harman’s son has come from the central crime branch, but Herman understands everything and he starts smiling. He grabs Herman’s collar and speaks. And starts taking it, then it says, “Hey, what is the way to talk to you or does you speak? Mommy, the policemen have come, there must be some proof or something. They will let them do their work or not, and the inspector says.” Take whatever inquiry you have to take, whatever action you have to take, and here Mahi thinks what is the new drama of the police, I thought that there is something between me and these two, then why should it arrest Harman? After that, then she speaks again, what are you saying, how can you take my son like this, what has he done to your son so much that he is being so foul-mouthed, the policeman is a fraudulent man of a number, it extracts personal information of people. He then comes to them and then loots them and runs away with all their wealth. Firmad starts laughing. Oh brother, leave it black

Harak singh big kalyug has come, dude says every moment what has happened, son of this policeman, who is asking what is the answer, then Harman says, ok, good guys, tell me how much money I have earned, so tell me. In which city, I have cheated, how many cases have been filed in my name, the most important thing is that you have come to rest me, so there will be an arrest warrant or the policeman says you will be with us for all your questions. He will answer the same, takes a sexy hand and speaks there, stop there, no punk has come to me, so we also know that this child has asked you some questions, please reply and take it away and we know it very well. Our son is Harman, he cannot cheat anyone, Harman speaks. It is amazing that suddenly these people come to arrest us, without any warrant, without any uniform, how can we guarantee that this people is the real policeman. The difference speaks. Have you heard why you are silent and say, Putra, please bring my mobile, now milk of milk will become water of water, call the commissioner Mate

After that, Harman does not let Harak Singh call to save Soumya, says hey, let Harak Singh be there, there is no need to call the commissioner sir, I think these people have misunderstood, I go out and talk to these people I do it and if I do not agree, then I will call the commissioner, and after that Harman starts going out with both of them, then the reservation speaks to Soumya, you or you may also need to go with it, after which you have If she goes away with the same, then she speaks to Soumya, the commissioner would have known that we had gone to our job and we are sorry, Madam, this is the mater of your house, you sleep it in your house, Harman Soumya It is your master plan that speaks to me, Gulabo is amazing to get me out. Who do you open up and listen until you are sure that I am the Harman, I am not going to go anywhere, so Somiya speaks of my mistake. I should not have let you out of the house and go with you and tell everyone because leave me to hide a lie.

But because I will not be with you now, once the brothers come to know the truth from the whole house, then they themselves will beat you out of here and here Mahi goes to Harman’s room and starts finding some evidence there. After you get a book from the room, after that it comes there too, then it says Mahi, what are you doing, Mahi speaks, see what I got in Harman’s view, then this is my OP Nayar’s place here. The first photo of Harman is going to come out from that book, and here, who will see that photo here and before telling Soumya, the victims here will find out that this is the real Harman, so today’s episode I will get to see all these interesting things, the upcoming episodes are going to be interesting. I hope you all do not want to watch, then what will be the favorite, if you like it then subscribe to the channel, like the video and Even sharing it with your friends, for the moment, you get the same as in the next video, with information by Trouble by Tech. year

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Shakti Upcoming Story 3.5.2021

  • Shakti 3 May 2021 Written Update
  • Shakti Written Update 3 May 2021
  • Shakti Written Update 3.5.2021
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