Shakti 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Shakti 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Prieto Simran and Rohan welcomed home. Shano gets upset. Prieto asks Simran to kick Kalash and go inside. Simran kicks Kalash into the house. Shano thinks she’s got Graha Praveesh and come home, but where’s her bua? Kinnar Teji Bua receives treatment and asks if she will survive or die.

Doctors say she is critical, and now nothing can be said. I hit her very carefully and she says if she doesn’t save… then two dead bodies will go out of this house, one of her and the other yours, ‘says Kinnear.

Prieto asks Shano if he is okay now and asks him to welcome the new bahu. Teiji gains consciousness and hugs her. She looks at the kinners and asks who they are. Kinner asks to see her drink tea and we are Kinnars, my name is Goddess and she says goodyah.

Teji says you kidnapped me to save that Kiner Heer. She tells you that you have 2 paise… Angel is angry and throws tea on her face. She says she’s sorry and that I don’t use my mind where things get easier. She sends goodies to make tea.

Simran recalls Arjun’s words that he is young and can have children later in his life. She remembers Arjun escaping him. She thinks this marriage is just because of the name, I am married to my child and she says this is your new home. Rohan comes there and asks Simran, she is fine. He asks her not to cry and touches her shoulder.

Simran asks her to stay away from him and tells her that she does not believe in marriage and relationship. They say I don’t need your sympathy or support and throw things away. Rohan says I want you to feel comfortable and not cry during pregnancy. Simran says this kid is mine, you stay away from me. Rohan also sheds tears.

Sant Baksh and Daljeet return home. Parmeet asks if you have found out about Bee. We searched her everywhere, but couldn’t find her, says Daljeet. Saint Baksh says she was last found in Chowk.

Angel brings Teiji on a wheelchair. Saint Baksh asks what happened to Didi. Teji says he had an accident. They are all shocked. Angel says I treated her and brought her here. Heer asks if she’s fine? Teji doesn’t talk to her. Angel says she’s still in shock. Saint Baksh thanks her and asks Parmeet to give her money.

Angel says she doesn’t need money, but needs a job. Sant Baksh says we have no work for you here. Parmeet plans to hire her for Teiji’s care and hopes she can take responsibility. Heer says we hire her. Saint Baksh asks to show her Tejas room. Heer asks to come with her.

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