social media viral news 10 year old child walking 2800 km to meet grandma

On the one hand the world was imprisoned in homes due to Corona infection, on the other hand a child was so desperate to meet his grandmother that he did not even wait for the train or air journey to start and went from Italy to London. The story of this child is becoming quite viral on social media.

Journey started in june
Ten-year-old Romeo Cox began a 2800-kilometer journey from Palermo (Italy) to London with Father Phil on 20 June. During this interesting journey, the two reached London on 21 September via Italy, Switzerland, France and Britain. Both are currently in isolation. He will be able to meet Romeo’s grandmother Rosemary only after the separation period ends.

Shared journey on social media
Romeo shared some moments of this exciting journey on his Instagram account. According to Romeo all the hard work he has done in the last three months will be successful when he hugs his grandmother. He also encountered wild asses and other animals several times during the journey.

The year I had met my grandmother
-Romio told that in this journey both of them wandered many times. The bees slept under the hive, which was not a good idea. The condition of the legs had worsened. But did not lose courage. As we were approaching my grandmother, my excitement to see her was growing even more. I wanted to hug them as soon as possible. We are meeting almost a year later. Grandma was forced to be alone due to the lockdown.

The motive was also to help the migrants
Apart from meeting Dadi, Romeo and his father had another motive. He wanted to raise funds for the migrants through his journey. The two not only surprised everyone with this trip, but also raised Rs 11.4 lakh to help Refugee Education Across Conflicts. Romeo’s father says that this journey spent with the son is very special for both of them. They will not forget this for a lifetime.

Friendship with refugee children
-Romio arrived from London a year ago to stay at Palermo. He was taught to speak Italian by migrant children there. Many of the refugee children are close friends of Romeo. Through this journey, he wanted to do something for these friends.


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