Sonali Phogat close friend Sudhir Sangwan called her love for Aly Goni as fake

Sonali Phogat has emerged as a strong and entertaining contestant in ‘Bigg Boss’ house. He has shaken everyone with his strategy in the show. They are at the forefront of fighting as well as love. The love tales of Sonali and Aly Goni (Aly Goni) became very famous on the show as well as on social media. Sonali expressed her love for Aly several times on the show. After this, she met Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli.

Salman Khan (Salman Khan) also reprimanded him for his actions. Many people questioned his love for Aly earlier. People called Sonali’s experiences a throwback and said that this is all part of their game. Now Sonali’s close friend Sudhir Sangwan has also confirmed this. In an interview to ETimes, Sudhir said that Sonali’s feelings for Aly Goni are fake and she is doing so only for the game. After this, he also targeted Aly Goni and Arshi Khan for brainwashing Sonali Phogat.

He said, ‘Sonali ji is playing a good game. His ill-fated show went on for a week. Their performance was amazing in the last week. I think Sonali ji abused against Nikki and Rubina because she was provoked. Arshi and Aly provoke him to do so. Rahul Vaidya was also involved in this but he showed little maturity. However, Rahul is also in love with Aly. Arshi tried to brainwash Sonali. ‘

Sudhir blamed Arshi Khan for starting Love Angle between Sonali and Aly. He said that Sonali’s heart is very soft. However, if someone calls her wrong on National TV, then she is not going to bear it. I am happy that now Sonali is playing a game in a stable place. She has been playing amazing games for the last few days.

Sudhir said, ‘I am sure that Sonali ji does not have any kind of feelings for Aly. She is only doing this for the game. There is no love and love. This entire scene is part of the game as they are in nomination these days. They know who they are. If she comes from a national party, she will not do so on national TV. Rakhi was also showing her love angle in the show, then people asked Sonali ji to do the same. Arshi feels that Sonali has a strong contestant, then Arshi has brainwashed her. ‘ Sudhir further said, ‘There is no match between Sonali and Aly. If Aly Goni is Sonali’s true friend, Aly will explain to him that whatever love angle he is, it is not right for Sonali’s family, political career and daughter. Sonali sought advice from people and people misguided her. ‘ Also Read Bigg boss Tamil 4 Aari in video reveals why he was silent on social media after winning bigg boss

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