Soon after his return, Rahul Gandhi attacked the Modi government and said, “Remember my point, you have to revoke agrarian laws

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused the central government of three central agriculture laws that the government is conspiring to kill. Rahul Gandhi is confident that the Modi government will be forced to revoke agrarian laws. He demanded that his words be remembered. It also said that the Congress would stand with the farmers.

Rahul Gandhi told reporters in Madurai that the central government was trying to benefit its ‘two-to-three friends’. Responding to a question, he said, “The government is not only ignoring the farmers but conspiring to destroy them.

“The government wants to take the land from the farmers and give it to their friends,” alleged Rahul Gandhi. The government is suppressing farmers and helping some traders. Expressing his support for the Congress, he said there was a need to repeal these three laws.

“Then remember me,” said Rahul Gandhi. The government will be forced to revoke these laws. Remember what I said. “Congress leaders have accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of not helping the common people during the corona virus epidemic and saying,” Whose Prime Minister are you? “Why is the Prime Minister silent on the Sino-India chaos? Why are the Chinese people sitting on the frontier of India?”