Special gift for me: Abhishek Ambarish

– You were very upset Miss Appan

Bangalore: Actor Abhishek Ambarish has said that my grandmother was a special gift to me.

Actor Abhishek Ambarish is celebrating his birthday with a birthday party today at JP City. A teaser from the Bad Manners film has also been gifted to Kalittiro Abhishek Ambarish on the 27th.

Abhi, speaking to the birthday press, is doing a second birthday celebration without a father. I miss you so much. But he’s that boring distance from Cotiro fans. I’ve lost weight for Bad Manners. Agathini involved in two week Nantra shooting. Hogtini said he organized the event for fans today.

Abhishek, who voted for the Drugs issue, is not one of the few in the industry. The innocent should not fall victim to this. We should not be seen as the perpetrators of the trial. Those who do wrong will be punished. Actor Nabi Abhi Avru is facing trial for his role in the film Ambi Ning. This is a lot of trouble for them. He added that such developments should not occur.

Every year on Abhi’s birthday, we celebrate the grand. Last year Amby didn’t have a birthday because she wasn’t there. Abhi’s first Birthday Sakhat was celebrated loudly. “Sakhat Feel has seen so many people today,” said Sumalatha Ambarish.


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