Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review:


By Super Sharim;

This movie is great! Best Spider-Man movie yet. It shows enough growth and maturity for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and brings back the core values ​​he stands for as he learns to sacrifice for the greater good. In the end, Tom became the Spider-Man we all know, living alone, paying rent, making his own suits and going to college. This made me very excited for the next film and the new suit. I saw it and almost cried. It didn’t feel like he would really be Spider-Man. Can’t wait to see where he appears next. I personally haven’t found the last two films interesting but it’s all topped. The stunning views were spectacular and everyone in the cinema room was blowing up and clapping. For good effect this is a must see movie in the cinema, the visuals and humor among all the characters is great. An emotional, funny, adventure film. Yes, this movie here is one of the best Marvel movies yet in my opinion and there is a lot of magic going on within this movie, it is great to see Toby’s universe Green Goblin and Doc Ock in this movie. Which really brings back memories of my childhood. Willem Dafoe is great and Alfred Molina is great. I think this crossover is a new milestone for the entire film history .. I think.

MJ (Zendaya) and Spider-Man jump off the bridge iin Columbia Pictures’ SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.

John Watts has done a great job, what a direction man, hats off. John is producing and directing really amazing films. I cannot say anything except a simple thank you to John Watts. The Fantastic movie greets him lol … the first mid-credit scene was fun and the next (which I think is the next) sets Spider-Man perfectly. The scenes in the second scene after the credits, though only one piece of the Multiverse of Madness looks amazing. That movie is big and trippy, and I’m so excited to see Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness. Hell yes!


By Rajan J;

“Marvel’s Still Got It Folks,” I guess that statement sums up the review for Spider-Man: No Way Home on its own. In this post-end game era, we have to admit that we were all wondering how we could make that wonderful movie so original that all of the original cast were separated from the studio, although we’ve seen promising sequins here and there with Marvel’s entry. OTT space and it’s new initiatives like Shang Chi and Eternals, I still feel something is lacking in the new direction and I’m not sure if they can achieve the same magic again.

But boy did all the doubts in this Spider-Man movie prove me wrong, no spoilers but it feels like a real Spider-Man flick after a long time. We see Peter stuttering after what has happened from a distant home, which affects not only him but also the people close to him at this time. It is nice to see that everyone in the film is more involved than ever before, MJ, Ned, Happy, Aunt May, etc. are no longer side characters with fleeting effects, they have a purpose in the film and it helps to help Peter. The right choice and not the best option for him.
Benedict Cumberbatch has returned as the mystical Doctor Strange but not as much as hardcore Sherlock fans would like, he actually takes a break from most sequences but his presence is desirable and not desirable.

Classic villains such as Doc Oci, Green Goblin, Electro, Lizard, Sandman perform exceptionally well. He doesn’t pull too far to make the story tiresome or feel that his presence is diminished, as John Watts has done well enough to bring the Russo Brothers-like experience.
Oh and I know YouTube is completely full of leaks and you already know the big twist that the miracle wants to fall on us but I’m not ruining it for the sake of preserving the essence of the movie, you see it in good theaters and enjoy it when you can.


By Ameya Kannur;

This would be a non-spoiler

This is the Spiderman movie everyone has been waiting for. Ignore all the people who say this is frustrating and all, those people will nitpick things and then they will find flaws. Of course, this movie is not perfect, but the screenplay for this film is amazing, and it shook my mind how the writers take such a high concept and present it without wasting a second. This film is really fascinating from beginning to end. And it will surely go down in history as the best Spiderman movie ever. Now, it sure has all the awesome stuff like sound and is lightweight and familiar with the mcu style of the films, but this movie stands out from the rest of the mcu movies. The film is about Spiderman and Peter Parker, and it focuses on his problems, which causes even bigger problems, and how the story revolves around his dilemma and how Peter Parker feels in this film, we feel somewhat the same, so, there are stakes and characters’ moral ambiguity The inner journey and how he and his friends (Ned and MJ) discover things.


Also, in terms of fan service, this movie has a lot, which is pretty obvious in the trailer, but the film feels in no way or shallow or just made for money, it’s really diligently trying to tell the story and combine too many characters and still pull the movie . Most of the characters have some kind of purpose, some (really very few) characters seem to have been forgotten by the late writers, but it didn’t bother me much when I was watching the movie. And, I’m the kind of person who skips action sequences because I think they’re more unnecessary (applies to many, not to everyone), but in this situation, even if I’m sitting in the theater, I don’t give up. And every action is equally enjoyable and interesting, all 3 acts are great. The actors are great, the direction is great, the score is great, jk Simmons has a really good guest role here. If you are a Spiderman fan, this is the perfect movie for you and may make you love Spiderman more. Also, the post-credit and last-credit scenes, blew my mind. Please see it, you will not be disappointed

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