Success Mantra: ‘The losers lose, the mind wins and the win’

“Mana losers – losers, mind wins – wins” This simple talk has an extraordinary message within itself. It illustrates the importance of human morale. It shows a way to live. If we agree before we reach our destination, we are truly defeated. But as we fight for our destination, fall back and stand up again and our confidence grows many times over. After this, when the ground is found, its joy is multiplied many times. Therefore, no one else can determine your victory or defeat. It depends on you. The same thing is said in this story.

A boy named Rahul lived in the city where he gave up his life. Whatever he does in life, he first sees his defeat. Teachers and other students at the school were also mocking them. He often wept in the darkened room.

One day a blind man came to him in distress and asked, ‘Why are you weeping?’ Rahul told the man the whole thing. You know, when I heard this, the guy laughed and said, ‘When I was born and people saw that this baby had no eyes, he advised my parents to kill me.’ But my parents didn’t listen to that advice.

He sent me to a special school and taught me. When I went to college, the college administration refused to admit me. Then I filled out a foreign university form and got a bachelor’s and master’s degree in MIT scholarship. But when I returned, I realized that being blind was not what I wanted to offer any job. Then I started my company. Not because I have enough money or because I have a unique idea. I started a company because I had no other choice. But today I am happy to be able to employ 5000 people like me through my company.

After listening to the man, Rahul asked, what is my business with your story? The man said, just as people are smiling at you today, the same people have denounced me for life, they have also mocked me. But I never considered myself weak. When the world looks at me with low eyes and says you can’t do anything in life. Then I laid eyes on him and told him I could do anything. Just like I did too, you can do too. So don’t give up. They don’t care what the world says.

That is, “the losers – the losers, the mind wins – wins.”

Story Learning:
Success and failure in life depend on your thinking, believe that it is defeat and victory is the determining factor.


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