Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend questions if Sara Ali Khan has broken up with him due to Bollywood mafia

Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend Samuel Hakip has spoken about his relationship with Sushant and Sarah Ali Khan in his latest post. Calling their relationship ‘rare’, she claimed that Sushant and Sara were ‘absolutely in love’ and ‘inseparable’ during the ‘Kedarnath’ campaign.

Samuel wrote, “I remember the time of the Kedarnath campaign … Sushant and Sarah were absolutely in love. They were inseparable … so pure and childlike. They both had great respect for each other. It was very rare to see them in relationships nowadays.”

After the release of the late actor’s movie ‘Sonchiria’ in theaters, they spoke about Sushant and Sara’s breakup. Samuel questioned whether it was a decision to break up under ‘any pressure from the Bollywood mafia’.

Sushant-Sara was in a relationship, for this reason the actress had a breakup with the actor

“Sarah and Sushant have a real respect for Sushant’s family … be it family, friends and staff. I wonder if Sara’s decision to break up with Sushant after the box office performance of Sonchiria is under any pressure from the Bollywood mafia,” he added.

This post comes from the ongoing debate about the Bollywood Mafia and how outsiders are treated in Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut has documented that the Mafia is working against outsiders supporting a product of nepotism.

Kangana has called Sarah Ali Khan in her latest tweet. Not only did she question why ‘fancy nepotism’ child Sarah had shown dreams to ‘weak outsider’ Sushant Singh Rajput but also asked her why she dumped him in public. He also called the ‘Jalebi’ actor a ‘vulture’ for Sushant’s late girlfriend Riya Chakraborty.

For the unknown, ‘Kedarnath’ has debuted in Bollywood. He had started working on Abhishek Kapoor’s film, but after the shooting ceased, Ranveer Singh had signed on for Rohit Shetty’s ‘Simba’, which could be his debut. However, Kedarnath went back to the floors and released ‘Simba’ a month before.

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