The actress tweeted that Disha Parmar sent Rahul Vaidya’s marriage proposal

Rahul Vaidya, a contestant of the TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’, has proposed to his girlfriend Disha Parmar for a wedding on national television. About 10 days later, Disha Parmar sent a response to Rahul’s doctor’s marriage proposal. The actress tweeted this.

The actress tweeted and said I sent my answer to the fans. Let me tell you, this offer from Rahul Doctors is shocking to all fans. No one expected Rahul to present Disha Parmar on national television in such a creative way. In the ‘Weekend Ka War’ serial, Rahul also asked Salman Khan, a doctor. Salman Khan pulled the leg and said that Disha Parmar had not sent any answer yet. Singer Rahul is very excited to know the direction of the doctor.

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It is uncertain whether Salman Khan himself will direct Rahul’s doctor or Bigg Boss will be informed about this in Sunday’s ‘Walk of Car’ series. It is also said that Bigg Boss is not going to give Rahul doctors an easy answer for Disha Parmar Rahul is likely to get directional response by winning the task.