The administration can make a big announcement today regarding the Tata Steel employees’ bonus

Tata Steel employees can get good news today. The company can announce a bonus this evening. According to sources, the final talks have been held between the Tata company administration and the Tata workers union. It is believed that this year will get more bonus than last year.

270 crores will be paid

According to sources, Tata Steel Management will pay Rs 270.28 crore as bonus. The mining staff of Jamadoba will also benefit from this announcement. At Tata Steel, executives and non-executives also get bonuses.

According to union sources, the Tata Steel Management and Tata Workers Union held a decisive talks on Wednesday over the fiscal year bonus of 2020-21. The conversation took place in front of Narendran, the CEO of the company, Com MD TV. The breakup has not been released yet but has a higher bonus than last year. This time around a 13 percent bonus can be found.

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Tata Steel has earned a bonus of Rs 235.54 crore on profit of Rs 7935.89 crore for the financial year 2019-20. The company posted a net profit of Rs 13,609 crore for the financial year 2020-21. So there’s a higher bonus than last year. An official announcement from the administration on the possible bonus for the evening.

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