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The bank has made these changes to secure online banking, a major update for SBI customers. Learn how you can avail the benefits

Latest Update of SBI Yono Lite App: If you are an account holder of State Bank of India (SBI), we have a great update for you. The bank has made several changes to make its SBI Yono Lite safer than before. In today’s era, digital fraud is a lot more than before. In such a scenario, SBI has made these changes to protect consumers from digital fraud. Tell us what these changes are and what you need to do to take advantage of it.

It was written in a tweet on behalf of State Bank of India, ‘Now online banking with SBI is more secure than before. Download the latest YONO Lite app.

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What are these SIM binding features

This is a new technology. By this, you can login to a device from registered mobile only. Because of this, the online banking facility is more secure than ever before. To take advantage of this, existing customers need to update their app. In addition, the one-time registration process must also be completed by this time.

SBI YONO Lite App Registration Process (for Android users)

Download the SBI Yono Lite App from the Play Store and select its registered mobile number (SIM-1-SIM-2). In the case of a single SIM, you have to select any SIM. After this you will see a message on the screen. When clicking Proceed, the code is sent via SMS. Remember that you will have to pay a fee for SMS.

After this you need to enter the name and password on the registration screen and click REGISTER. After accepting the word and conditions, click the OK button.

After this you get the activation code. This activation code is only active for 30 minutes. After writing this code in the app, complete the activation process. Users will now be able to use the Yono Lite app.

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Registration process for iOS

Download the SBI Yono Lite app from the App Store. This will then display the message on your screen.

Click the Proceed button. After this the code will auto-fill by your pre-defined number. After this, the user has to send SMS to the registered mobile number within 30 seconds.

After this, the customer has to enter their name and password and click on the register. Accept the word and conditions.

The activation code is sent, which must be updated in the app. After completing this process, iOS customers will also be able to take advantage of it.

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