The building owner took out the entire family when the woman was infected in Tudla

The coronation positive of the woman who was on rent was overshadowed by her family. When the woman was infected, the landlord removed her entire family from the house and stood outside. After which the whole family is spending their time in an unoccupied house. The case is of street number one of Ganesh Nagar in Tundla. A family was living here for a long time on rent. A few days ago, a woman from the family fell victim to a corona infection. There was a stir in the area after the report came positive. Neighbors also started to fear infection. In the evening, the infected woman took the health department team to Firozabad to Isolate with her. After complaints from neighbors, the landlord also started suffering. The family alleges that due to this, the landlord issued a decree to the family staying on overnight rent. The family members were shocked to hear this decree of the landlord. After all, where do those people go. When he informed the landlord about his problem, the landlord kept the family in the house for one night but on the next morning the family was thrown out of the house with children. After which, now the family is hiding their heads in a strange house. Isolated family in Adabane house: Tundla. The woman’s husband said that we were living there on rent for the last few months. We were evicted after the infection spread. After which we are now forced to stumble from rate to rate. Now the family is spending their time in an unoccupied house without electricity and water by becoming Isolated.

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