The center has spoken with states and union territories – speeding up the corona virus investigation

After an increase in coronavirus cases in the country, on Saturday, the central government has instructed states and union territories to increase testing. The Ministry of Health has said that India is doing everything possible to prevent its infection, keeping track of the increasing number of coronary cases in Europe and the Americas.

In the wake of the increasing number of Covid cases in some states of North India, the ministry said it has instructed all states and Union Territories to expand the test. Tell us that new cases of corona in India are down 3.4 per cent. Experts say the spread of infection is under control if the positivity rate is 5 percent or less.

In the second week of October, the third wave of coronavirus virus has reached the country’s capital, Delhi. New Delhi: A total of 8593 new cases were reported in Delhi on November 11 and 131 people died in Delhi on November 18. According to the Delhi government, the maximum number of tests per million population in the state. According to data from the Ministry of Health, states such as Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan reported more new cases, but fewer tests per million compared to the national average of 94679.

On November 20, in a campaign to test coronavirus detection, I tell you that the total number of investigations in the country has exceeded 13 million by detecting more and more virus infections. The first case of the global epidemic Covid-19 came into the country on January 30 this year and since then the government has continuously increased its scope of investigation and focused on the detection of infections and prevention of viruses.

According to statistics released by the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) on Saturday, the total number of investigations reached 13 crore, 6 lakh and 57 thousand 808 by November 20. On November 20, there were 22 investigations of one million 66 thousand. To prevent the spread of coronavirus in large quantities, a maximum of 14 lakh 92 thousand 409 samples were tested for a maximum number of tests in one day on 24 September.