The CES 2021 shows many unique gadgets: no electricity, speaker rings with water, bell rings without touching the doorbell

Should you go on vacation for fear of home burglary? Does worrying about accessing water to the phone prevent you from listening to a favorite song in the bathroom? Can’t go to the gym for corona infection prevention? Yes, some smart gadgets displayed on the second day of the world’s largest electronic show ‘CES2021’ can solve your problems. These not only make everyday life easier but also help prevent infections.

Amp bluetooth shower speaker
I would love to hear a song or lukewarm talk in the bathroom but unable to do it for fear of the water entering the phone. So Ampere’s Bluetooth Shower Speaker is specifically for you. Connected to a smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth, this speaker has no power and no water drops. As soon as the user runs a tap or shower, the water flowing from it starts the speaker and the favorite song starts playing on it. This speaker is made by recycling the mill plastic into the sea. The price of this speaker is set at Rs 7300. Its sale is set to begin in May 2020.

Morebot Scout Home Robot
If you are worried about theft and robbery in your absence, do not worry. Marbot Scout has designed a new smart robot based on sophisticated sensors, full HD cameras and an AI algorithm that is able to monitor and monitor every corner of the home. The Scout Home Robot is able to give a direct view of each part, even in the dark. Its parts do not deteriorate when exposed to strong sunlight or water. Users are able to instruct robots to perform sporadic tasks through Alexa and Google’s Voice Assistant App. The cost of a scout home robot is around 13 thousand rupees.

Home Gym
AI-based Nordic Track Vault Home Gym plays the role of ‘Virtual Trainer’. With the help of this, the user can learn from home sitting which is the best exercise for his body. It is important to take care while doing it. The home gym features a 60-inch tall mirror that allows users to see a workout posture. When taking the wrong posture, the glass does not stop, but it also suggests ways to fix it with the help of a virtual trainer. There is room to put other equipment, including dumbbells, in the gym. 1. Home Gym can be purchased for Rs 45 lakh, initially it will only be launched in the US.

Touchless Video Doorbell
Corona infection has caused peculiar fears in mind about commonly used surfaces. With this in mind has developed a ‘Touchless Video Doorbell’ which does not need to press the switch to play. As soon as you stand on the pedestal you put on the door, the bell begins to play. A video of a person standing outside the house is also shown on the phone. It is also possible to open and close the door through the ‘Touchless Video Doorbell’. Users can also use it for lighting and extinguishing. offers ‘Touchless Video Doorbell’ for Rs.