The college student has made a solar-powered electric wheel, which is 50 km long. 1.50 for just Rs

Rising petrol prices have raised the concerns of almost everyone, but in the meantime there has been good news from Tamil Nadu. A student of Madurai College in the state has designed a solar powered electric bicycle. This electric bicycle gives you the pleasure of long commutes at very low cost.

Dhanush Kumar, a student at Madurai College has designed this solar powered electric cycle. The battery is installed at the back of the wheel, which means the carrier and front have a solar panel. With the help of this solar panel, the cycle is said to be continuously moving up to 50 kilometers. Not only that, it can drive up to 20 kilometers even after its charging down line.

How to Make This Electric Bicycle:

This power cycle uses a 24 volt and 26 ampere battery. In addition, the 350 watt brush motor and accelerator are installed in the handlebar to increase or decrease the speed. Dhanush Kumar, who designed the wheel, said the cost of electricity used for this battery is much less than the cost of petrol. It costs only 1.50 to travel up to 50 km. This power cycle can run at a maximum speed of 30-40 km / h.

Dhanush is based in Madurai, the second tier city of Tamil Nadu and the design is its own and is suitable for cities like Madurai because it can be driven at a maximum speed of 40 km / h. Images of this power cycle are going viral on the internet and people are applauding this cycle of Dhanush.

Photo Credit: ANI

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