The delay in buying a new phone is huge! Smartphones may soon become expensive

The smartphone market is changing so fast that users have the option of buying a lot of devices in every range of categories. Brands such as Samsung, Apple, Vivo, Shiomi and Oppo provide the best features. While it is always best to wait a while to buy a new phone, given the latest report, India is getting a call to make the phone more expensive. In such a situation, the delay in buying a new phone can be overwhelming for you.

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The Indian smartphone market was well-received in the first quarter of this year. This was because India was recovering from the impact of the Kovid-19 epidemic at the time. The phone market rose 11 percent in the first quarter. But now market research firm Canalis estimates that the second quarter of this year will be against the first quarter because a second wave of COVID-19 infection is devastating the country. This is why people are afraid to spend too much money on the phone. As a result, the demand for smartphones has increased due to the epidemic, as everything from children’s education to the office is taking place at home. The price of such a low price phone can be more expensive than before.

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This will increase the price of smartphones
“The average sales price of a smartphone will increase in 2021,” said Canalys analyst Varun Kannan. This is because the supply of essential imported products on mobile is decreasing. With this, India’s currency is also weakening. With all this, smartphone makers can increase the price of phones. In 2021, the greater the impact of the smartphone price hike, the more likely it will be for buyers of smartphones below Rs 15,000. Explain that 81 per cent of smartphones in India last year cost less than Rs 15,000.

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