The good news: 9108 girls of different abilities in UP are getting Rs

182 lakhs for providing stipend to 9108 Divyang girls attending state government primary and junior schools. Female students will be given two thousand rupees per month at the rate of Rs 200 per month. The stipend is valid for 10 months. This stipend is given to motivate disabled students studying in grades one through eighth.

For this, 40 percent of disabled students can apply. For this purpose, only a certificate issued by a medical board or competent authority is valid. It is mandatory to fill in the details of such girls in the Samarth Op. Students must apply for this.

The Principal will put the list of eligible girls before the School Management Committee. From here, the list of approved girls will be made available to the Block Education Officer to the Basic Education Officer and the BSA will then forward it to the District Committee. The District Level Committee will be headed by a nominated Magistrate. The list will be approved by February 22 and sent to the Office of Comprehensive Education Campaign.