The immune system not only keeps the brain cool but also shakes the cold watermelon, note the recipe

Summer Immunity Booster Drink: People often resort to cold drinks to immediately reduce the effects of strong sunlight and heat. But overeating a cold drink can harm your health. In such a situation, tell us how to shake watermelon, which is considered a boon for summer health.

Ingredients for shaking watermelon-
-1 cup watermelon pieces (without seeds)
-1/4 cup condensed milk or 2 cups milk
-1.5 cups of water (using condensed milk only)
-1/2 Vanilla Extract (Eichlika)
– Ice cream
– Some icecube pieces
Sweetened sugar (if using milk)

Method of shaking watermelon-
To make the watermelon shake, first of all, take the watermelon seeds and mix them with all the ingredients and leave the ice cream in a blender. Mix it up until the conscience of your choice arrives. Now serve it in a glass and pour ice cream cubes on top. Your watermelon shake is ready to serve.

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