The Indian economy is back on track, and after 15, these possibilities are being made for new jobs

Now gradually the lockdown rules are loosening in different parts of the country. The effect is visible everywhere from market to industry. Industrial output increased in July due to increased demand and supply both domestically and abroad. Because of this, for the first time in this epidemic era, people have increased their chances of getting a job in the private sector.

According to the latest data from IHS Markit, the Production Purchasing Managers’ Index reached 55.3. This was 48.1 per cent in June. Let us tell you that if the index is above 50 percent, it shows growth. Polianna De Lima, assistant director of financial services at IHS Markit, said: “Once the corona virus rules are relaxed, companies are focusing on increasing production.” Corona levels were high in the country in April. But now that the new cases have dropped, the rules have started to loosen. However, there are still over 40,000 new cases in the country.

Smaller stocks made big gains, with the investor portfolio worth Rs 31 lakh crore

New jobs are being created

For the first time since March 2020, the possibility of jobs has been created. There has been a crisis in the region for the past 15 months. However, the pace of recruitment of companies is slow, which shows that the employment crisis remains. Recent Reuters surveys have also raised concerns. According to data, the arrival of Kovid’s new variant may slow economic growth. In addition, the rate of inflation may also increase. Lack of raw materials remains a problem. Due to this the input cost is increasing but the output charge is increasing slowly.

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