The largest educational institution in Uttarakhand is surrounded by the second wave of corona

The second wave of coronavirus infection is rapidly spreading in leading educational institutions in Uttarakhand, and 56 new cases of Kovid-19 have been reported in the Central Academy State Forest Service, Doon School and Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in the last three days. The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee on Wednesday 29, Forest Academy and Doon School reported 14 cases, officials of the Kovid Control Room said on Thursday. A total of 12 people, including seven students, were diagnosed with the pandemic the day before at Doon School, he said.

With twenty-nine new cases, the number of coronavirus infected patients in Indian technology rookie has increased to 89, he said. Three of the complex’s buildings – Katale Bhawan, Sarojini Bhavan and Kasturba Hostel – have been declared banned, the Control Room officials said.

He said students and teachers of the Kovid victims at Doon School were housed in a wellness center built inside the school premises. Speaking to Doon School Development and Alumni Relations Officer Kritika Jugran, the school administration is taking great care and everyone is strictly following the Kovid protocol.

They informed that every person who comes in contact with infected students and teachers is undergoing an RT-PCR. He said more than 1,500 RT-PCR tests have been done at the Doon School so far.

Corona received 14 training IFS officers at CASFS
The principal of the Forest Research Institute, Central Academy State Forest Service Principal Kunal Satyarthi, said the academy is currently closed as a precautionary measure after 14 training officers succumbed to coronavirus and separated themselves from all employees. It is suggested to do this.
He said samples of about 100 people who came in contact with 14 training officers were sent for testing. He said that since the Central Academy is located in the Indian Forest Research Campus, access to people from outside the area will be restricted for the next 10 days.

Last year, Uttarakhand’s first Kovid case came to light at the Indian Forest Research Institute.

In Uttarakhand, 1109 cases of Covidi were reported on Wednesday, the highest in a single day this year. On September 17 last year, 1192 cases were reported. The districts of Dehradun, Haridwar and Nainital have been most affected by the second wave of the epidemic. On Wednesday, 509, 308 and 113 cases were reported.