The lockdown pushed millions into poverty, and Rahul surrounded the central government

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has surrounded the government on the report of the Parliamentary Committee on Coronary Disease. He accused the central government of hiding the truth, saying that an unplanned lockdown has driven millions into poverty. At the same time it threatened the health of citizens and compromised the future of students due to the digital divide.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted that Modi government’s unplanned lockdown has driven millions into poverty. To endanger the health of citizens and to compromise the future of students by digital divide. This is a bitter truth, the Government of India tries to hide from its lies. He shared the news with this tweet.

The Standing Parliamentary Committee on Health has reported that coronavirus and its management report that there is very little expenditure on health in a country with a population of 1.3 billion. The weakness of the Indian health system has become a major obstacle to effectively fighting the epidemic. The committee says private hospitals have raised money for the lack of beds in government hospitals and the lack of specific guidelines for treating the epidemic among rising coronary cases.

The administration is harassing the family of the Hathras victims: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi has accused the Uttar Pradesh police and the administration of harassing and exploiting the family members of a girl who was raped and murdered in Hathras. Rahul tweeted on Sunday that the continuous exploitation of the victim at the hands of the government in UP is intolerable. The entire country is searching for answers from the government in the Hathras rape-murder case and is with the victim’s family. Another example of uniform hooliganism in Gundaraja.