The loudspeakers were removed from the mosques, prevented from reading Arabic … The Uyghur then took the Dragon Utsul to destroy the Muslims

China has been oppressing Muslims in its country for years. They are known to have violated the human rights of minorities. After the Uyghur was first wreaked havoc on Muslims, China has imposed a number of restrictions on Muslims of the sparsely populated Muslim community who now live in Sanya in Hainan Province. This shows that China is working with full force to eliminate its younger Muslim population. According to the New York Times (NYT), the new target of the Chinese Communist Party is Ulusul Muslims with a population of ten thousand. The dragon has removed loudspeakers from their mosques and is preventing children from reading Arabic. The NYT report states, “Government policies have been abolished and a number of sanctions have been implemented in the city of Sanya in Hainan.”

Local religious leaders and residents, on condition of anonymity, reported that a few years ago, authorities had approved the Islamic identity of the Utsul community and its relationship with the Muslim nation. Their troubles are now telling how Beijing is working to erase the religious identity of small Muslim minorities. The CCP has repeatedly claimed that the sanctions imposed on Islam and the Muslim community are aimed at ‘curbing violent religious extremism’. Beijing officials have used this logic to justify their dominance over religious minorities in Xinjiang. Mae Hyun, an assistant professor at Frostburg State University who studies Islam in China, says Utsul’s tight control over Muslims reflects the Communist Party’s campaign against the local community.

He said this was an attempt to fully control the government. This is clearly anti-Islam. However, the Chinese government has consistently denied the allegations of being anti-Islam. However, the party, led by Chinese President Xi Jinping and his top leaders, has demolished several mosques. In addition, many Islamic domes were toppled in northwest and central China. Since Utsul was harmed by Muslims, the debate over Uyghur Muslims has begun again. They have a population of more than 10 million and are forcibly detained in concentration camps in Xinjiang. It has been tortured in many ways.

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Yusuf Liu, a Malaysian-Chinese writer who studied Utsul, said the group was able to maintain a unique identity because they were geographically separated for centuries and committed to their religious beliefs. Liu said he shares many common traits, including language, dress, history, blood relations and food.

The NYT wrote in its report that religious leaders of the local mosque have been asked to remove loudspeakers. Moreover, the sound was also said to be low. It has been reported that construction of the new mosque has been halted due to controversy over aspects of Arab architecture. Now the dust is fully stored here. Residents say Arabic reading is restricted to children under 18 in the city.

The people of the Utsul community say they want to learn Arabic so that they not only understand Islamic texts but also interact with Arab tourists who visit restaurants, hotels and mosques. Some expressed frustration over the new sanctions. A local religious leader said he was told that the community would no longer be allowed to build a dome. On condition of anonymity, he said, “These are Middle Eastern mosques. We want them to look like mosques and not homes.” Recently, some people were arrested for criticizing the government. Had protested.