The Minister of Agriculture said of the peasant movement – the law does not change by rallying the masses, say the opposite?

Amid a prolonged peasant agitation on the Delhi border against three new agrarian laws by the central government, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Sunday said mobilizing the mob would not change the laws. The Farmers’ Union should say what is against the farmers in these laws and said the government is ready to amend them.

Speaking to reporters in Gwalior, Tomar said, “The central government has had 12 rounds of negotiations with farmers’ organizations, but the decision to negotiate when objected to is” to remove the law directly. The mob gathers and the law is removed.

The minister of agriculture said that in these new laws tell the farmer organization what is against the farmer. But the mob does not change the law. Tomar said the farmer organization should tell them what the regulations are against farmers.

The government is ready to understand this and is ready to make amends. The government is still ready to amend the issue in the interests of farmers and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said this.