The Modi government has launched a new facility for LPG gas-fired customers

The Narendra Modi government at the Center has given huge relief to customers who use LPG cylinders. In fact, consumers are now able to choose their desired distributor. This means customers now have to decide which gas cylinder to fill. Currently, customers are forced to fill a gas cylinder from any one distributor.

In fact, some MPs in the Lok Sabha have asked LPG customers to decide on which cylinder to replace. Rameshwara Teli, Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas, informed about the new facility. He said LPG customers were given the option to refill from their preferred distributor. Customers can now choose dealers to book their refills accordingly.

“How much the central and state governments are earning from taxes on petrol and diesel, where is your hard earned money,” the minister told parliament.

How it applies: The Minister of State for Petroleum has described the facility in detail in his written reply. Dealers can choose to use a registered login, through a mobile app or through the OMC web portal. With this, customers will also be able to see the rating of the distributor who distributes the cylinder. This rating is based on the dealer’s past performance. This means you can be warned in advance by a poorly rated distributor.

LPG Distributor Portability

In addition to the rating, a full list of dealers will also be provided on the mobile app or portal of oil companies, the minister said. For delivery of LPG refills, customers can select any distributor by tapping or clicking on the list from their region. The facility has been launched in some cities of the country but the government intends to implement it across the country.

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