The Prime Minister and the Vice President will be able to reach Parliament through the tunnel, learn how a new Parliament is being formed

The campaign of the Prime Minister and Vice President of the VVIP people will not be much hampered by the country’s new parliament. Three new tunnels will be built connecting the new parliament, which will be connected to the prime minister’s house, the vice president’s house and the parliament’s chambers. If the VIP movements are separated from parliament behind these tunnels, there will be less disruptions in the general movement.

The concept behind the tunnels is very simple: if the VIP movement is separate from the parliament, they will be able to have fewer obstacles inside and outside the corps complex. It will be easier if VIPs go through underground.

According to Central Vista’s construction plan, the new PM housing and PMO will move to the South Block. The new VP Chambers will be located in the North Block, with MPs Chambers on the other side of the transport and labor force.

According to a report by the Times of India, the tunnels remain in the same trajectory. Because they are used exclusively by some people. It is said that golf courts can be used to reach Parliament because these are small blocks. There was no need for such a connection from the Rashtrapati Bhavan, which was a short distance away and the arrival of the President in Parliament was short and pre-determined.

Sources said the central objective of the central vista liberation was to make public access to the surrounding areas of Parliament more complex and easier.
Currently, in the Central Vista and Lutyens Bungalow Zone, many parts are strictly monitored for security reasons and the VIP movement, which affects the movement of people. In the coming season, VIP routes can only be used for events such as the January 26th parade.

In order to improve the accessibility of visitors and tourists to Parliament for the Central Vista project, the VIP movements need more security, which is different from the normal route, the report said. The residence of the Vice President and Prime Minister, the Chamber for Ministers and MPs are close to the Parliament House.