The wait is over! WhatsApp has an amazing feature related to chat transfer, learn how it works

WhatsApp, which is under discussion on privacy policy, is soon bringing a special feature for its users. With the help of this feature, you will be able to move your entire chat from one number to another. Let us know that people have waited a long time for this feature. This feature solves the problem of users who do not know the user after transferring the chat history after purchasing the new device and all his necessary messages remain on the old phone. WhatsApp is working on this special feature to simplify chat transfer between multiple devices.

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Only during this time do you get the chat migration feature
According to the information, WhatsApp offers the option to switch to a new phone to move the chat on the new phone. This option asks if your phone number is also changed. WhatsApp says that this option is only offered once. Migration chat service is only visible once the phone is switched on, not after.

Photo, video, chat are all transferred
WhatsApp chat can be transferred from one number to another only when the user has linked the new number to his WhatsApp account. Through this process, your chat photos, videos and media elements on your phone are also transferred.

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Chat is also able to transfer between Android and iOS
After the introduction of the new WhatsApp feature, chat transfer between Android and iOS will also be possible. Now, users have to deal with the problem. When they transfer chat and photo-video from Android to the iOS smartphone, their chat is not backed up. But a new feature makes this task easier.

This problem is going to go away
Now you can use a WhatsApp account on the same phone number. This means that to keep a WhatsApp account, you need to keep the phone number active even if you don’t want to. Furthermore, WhatsApp does not offer the ability to transfer chat history if you switch from one platform to another. But as soon as this feature is brought out, this problem goes away.

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