The Yogi government is teaming up with private hospitals in Noida to monitor treatment under the COVID-19 protocol

The government has set up a three-member team to monitor treatment under the Kovid-19 protocol in private hospitals in Noida. The chief medical officer gave this information on Saturday.

Gautam Buddha City Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Deepak Ohri said the Uttar Pradesh government has constituted a three-member committee to look into the cases of third wave coronavirus and increasing coronavirus in the district.

He informed that the committee will review the quality of treatment, proper treatment and other aspects of treatment of Kovid-19 patients in private hospitals and report it to the government. If the report is negative, treatment of patients at a private Kovid-19 hospital can be reshaped.

He informed that Kovid-19 patients are being treated at hospitals like District Astrology, Fortis, Kailash and JP. Patients’ rates of treatment are set in these hospitals. Hospital managers claim to treat patients according to the protocol, but there have been many complaints that hospital management is not treating patients properly and incurring high treatment costs.

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to evaluate the quality of treatment of patients in private hospitals due to this complaint and a three-member team has been formed from the government level, the medical officer said. The team includes District Magistrate of Gautam Buddha City, Chief Medical Officer Gautam Buddha City Representative and Medical College representative.

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He said the team’s main task was to look at the treatment received by patients at private Kovid-19 hospitals. Team members visit each hospital to see the status of the treatment received, asking patients if they are not preparing an unfair bill in the name of treatment. In some hospitals, there have been complaints of forced recruitment of patients even after a certain period has passed. Information will also be taken from patients with regard to the above.

Many private hospitals are raising more money for rapid antigen testing for RT-PCR and coronavirus, he said. At the same time, complaints of excessive recovery are coming out in the Corona investigation and treatment bill in some hospitals, and this committee is also investigating it.

The number of infected corona in Noida has crossed 21,307

One person was killed by Kovid-19 in Gautam Buddha City on Saturday while 162 new cases were reported till morning. A medical official said 75 people have died in the district so far due to the virus.

District Monitoring Officer Dr. Sunil Dohra said that a 72-year-old man died in the district on Saturday from Kovid-19 infection. He was admitted to Sharada Hospital in Greater Noida for treatment. He is a resident of Sector-56. The death toll for coronavirus virus in the district has risen to 75 with this death, he said. He said 162 cases of Kovid-19 infection were detected in Gautam Buddha city till Saturday morning.

The official said that 234 patients infected with Kovid-19 recovered after treatment. The data showed that 1,307 patients were being treated at various hospitals. According to the District Monitoring Officer, 19,925 patients have been infected in the district so far after successful treatment.