There is a ‘new app’ for downloading and re-downloading the Aadhaar card, with 35 main functions sitting at home

You should already know how important today’s Aadhaar card is. If you are still unsure about the usefulness of Aadhaar, let us tell you that you cannot do your government and private work without Aadhaar. In addition, any mistake in Aadhaar can cost you more. This way, if you need to make any major updates to Aadhaar or have any problems with Aadhaar, you can now take advantage of 35 Aadhaar card related services through your smartphone. For this you need to download mAadhaar app on your mobile. If you already have the mAadhaar app, then uninstall the old app and download the new version. In fact UIDAI has released a new version of the MADHAR app. This will provide customers with many new amenities.

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Advantages of the MAadhaar app
The mAadhaar app is better than putting Aadhaar card in the wallet. Let us tell you about the benefits of the MAadhaar app:

1) With this app, you can download Aadhaar copy. In addition, you will also be given the option of printing Aadhaar in the app.

2) With this app, you can show Aadhaar in offline mode when someone needs to show your ID, then you can show Aadhaar through App. It serves as your ID proof.

3) You can update your address in your Aadhaar with this application without any record.

4) In this application you can keep the Aadhaar of your family members and manage them.

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5) Through the mAadhaar app, Aadhaar holders can lock or unlock their UID or Aadhaar number whenever they want. Biometric data is paired with Aadhaar which is very sensitive. Once you enable the biometric locking system in the app, you can’t use it until you unlock it. This is very important from a security standpoint.

6) With the help of the app, you can share QR code and EKYC data. It can be used for paperless verification of any government work that can send a password protected EKYC and QR code.

7) Where is the nearest enrollment center in Aadhaar, you can easily find it through M-App.

When downloading the app, keep in mind that you will not be downloading any fake Aadhaar app, so you will be able to download the official Aadhaar app through these links provided by UIDAI.

Download the mAadhaar app from here
>> (Android)
>> (iOS)

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