These 5 daily practices can damage your spinal cord, know what the experts say

Back problems are becoming more common in the 21st century, often with sedentary lifestyles, new gadgets, and constant adherence to them. Poor posture and chronic pain can cause many causes, but scientists are revealing some of the reasons you may not yet know.

For example, did you know that your work can lead to chronic back pain? Lack of rest also affects your posture.

Here we are telling you about the most popular practices that scientists believe to be the cause of chronic back pain.

1. Disruption of the circadian rhythm

Researchers have found that the position of cells in the intervertebral disc depends directly on how stable your daylight and night cycle is.

Scientists believe that when our circadian rhythms are interrupted (due to age, chronic insomnia, and night shifts), these cells begin to degenerate, leading to inflammation and reduced back pain and intervertebral growth, increasing the likelihood of disk growth.

Other studies have shown that certain natural anti-inflammatory chemicals in our body are better produced during the day.

So in order to slow the pace of aging your spine, you need to follow the schedule.

2. Standing and working

We’ve all heard that sitting too long is harmful. But the need to be on your feet at all times is just as bad for your health. Standing alone can have a huge impact on the position of your neck, back and shoulders.

When it comes to the spine, the wrong posture can have horrible effects that can cause problems such as chronic pain and severe curvature.

Our muscles and joints need flexibility to stay healthy and a poor posture is one of the first signs that you are doing something wrong.

Most of the time, if your head or shoulders are in the wrong position, it means you are not properly controlling the top of your body.

This results in curvature and compensates for poor posture during the movement of your body. It puts more stress on the body.

To avoid bad posture, we need to stand, sit and lie down in a manner that puts minimal stress on the muscles and ligaments, and especially the movements and support of the spine during play.

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3. Not getting enough rest

Most of us don’t notice its signs until it gets serious at first. However, when you feel the slightest discomfort in your back, rest is very important.

Of course, you don’t always allow yourself to relax at such times. But be sure to relax whenever you have time.

To reduce excess stress on your muscles, lift your feet up.

Taking a rest

4. More mental work

Sometimes your brain is working too long and can cause back pain.

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Try to think of something other than work and your problems. Take time to relax: You can play games or watch movies to forget the problems caused by stress.

Being able to think of something else reduces your chances of back pain.

5. Our Mobile Phone

Recent text has shown that reading plain text can put pressure on the spine by up to 45 pounds. Think about it, you are messaging 45 pounds!

Daily cell phone use can damage the natural curve of the cervical spine, and this segment of the back is overweight, especially in adolescents.

Scientists have calculated that people use cell phones for an average of 2 to 4 hours a day, which means our neck bends 700 to 1,400 hours a year.

The effects of using mobile on the spine

This means that soon, surgeons will have even more patients, especially teenagers and youngsters, because frequent misalignments can lead to severe and chronic spinal curvature.

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