These are cheap fiber broadband plans that fetch 3300 GB of data for less than 400 rupees, which is better for you

Corona cases are constantly growing. Considering this, companies have come back to work from home modeling. Corona crisis has greatly increased people’s internet dependence. Now the demand for fast internet speeds is also increasing among people. Considering this, many Internet service providers have begun to offer fiber broadband services. In this way, if you are thinking of getting a new broadband connection, this news is for you. Today we are talking about the best broadband plans for less than Rs 500, where you will get even faster with more data. Let’s learn all about these projects:

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Jio Broadband projects under the Jio 500
Reliance Jio’s broadband service Geo Fiber is also offering a Dhanshu plan for less than Rs 500. In the Geo Fiber 399 Broadband Plan, users receive unlimited calling and unlimited Internet benefits. In this project, users get 3300GB of data and 30Mbps internet speed. It is important to note that users do not get the benefit of OTT benefits with this project, certainly the project does not have OTT benefits but it does get a lot of data for streaming.

BSNL ₹ 449 Broadband Plan
Government telecom company BSNL says that with this scheme, 30 Mbps, 3TB or 3300GB of data is available. However, for the first time users of this plan, users will have to switch to a Fiber Basic Plus broadband plan for Rs 599. With this project you get 3300 GB of data with a speed of 60 mbps, and the speaker is reduced to 2 mbps when the data limit is exhausted.

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^ Exitel under 500 broadband scheme
Apart from popular companies like Geo Fiber, Airtel Extreme and BSNL, there are many other options for you, including Exitel 3 Dhanshu plans for less than Rs 500. You can get Exitel’s 3 plans for less than Rs 500, which are priced at Rs 399, Rs 449 and Rs 499 respectively. However, there are some terms and conditions associated with this. If you want to take 100 Mbps plan, Rs 399 per year, but if you want 200 mbps speed, take an annual plan with Rs 449 per month and if you want 300 mbps speed you will get Rs 499 per month. Take the annual plan.

Airtel Extreme₹ 449 Plan
Airtel’s broadband service Airtel Extreme offers you a range of benefits for less than Rs. In this project, you get unlimited internet calling with 40 mbps speed and unlimited internet calls. In addition to all this you get access to Airtel Extreme, Wink Music, Shaw Academy, Wood Basic, Eros Now, Hungama Play, Shemaroo M and Ultra. So this plan is good for you, if yes try it.

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