These people should not forget to consume fruits, the benefit does not harm the health

Side Effects of Jamun: ಜ Jamun with herbal properties help to protect the body from many diseases. Consuming jamun not only strengthens immunity, but also helps regulate blood sugar, as well as completing the lack of blood in the body. Despite the myriad benefits of eating fruits, some people are forbidden to consume them. Tell us which people should not eat jamun.

Blood sugar
According to Ayurveda, the consumption of jamun is considered very beneficial for high blood pressure patients. To control blood sugar, it is advisable to incorporate jamun kernel powder or jamun into the diet. But many times it is consumed by people who want to have quick control over blood sugar. This may cause them to have low blood pressure problems.

Vitamin C is abundant in Jamun. In such a case, consuming it can cause a person with constipation.

If you eat jamun too much, you may have acne problems on the face.

Vomiting problem
Many people experience vomiting after eating jamun. If you have such a complaint, it is best not to consume it.

Jamun can lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, it should be avoided during and after surgery. It keeps your blood sugar stable. Stop taking jamun at least 2 weeks before surgery.

Blood clots
Jamun intake should be avoided for people suffering from atherosclerosis and for blood clotting problems.

Vata Dosha
If you suffer from vata dosha you should avoid eating jamun.

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