These SUVs from Mahindra Scorpio to Alturas G4 are priced at Rs 2.2 lakh

Mahindra Cars Discount Offer: With the start of the new year, many automakers are offering discounts on their vehicles. In addition, the country’s leading SUV automaker Mahindra is also offering huge discounts on its vehicles. The company’s offer includes several models ranging from the Mahindra Scorpio to the Alturas G4. By purchasing these vehicles you can save Rs 2.2 lakh for the entire January. So let us know on what car is being discounted.

Mahindra KUV100 NXT: The company’s entry-level SUV is being heavily discounted this January. You can get a cash discount of Rs 38,000, an exchange bonus of Rs 20,000 and a corporate discount of 4,000 on this SUV. Its price ranges from Rs 5.66 lakh to Rs 7.28 lakh.

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Mahindra XUV 300: The company’s second SUV, the Mahindra XUV300, is available in petrol and diesel engine variants. 5,000 on its petrol version and Rs 10,000 on the diesel version. At the same time, an exchange bonus of Rs. 25,000, a corporate bonus of Rs. Its price ranges from Rs 7.94 lakh to Rs 12.29 lakh.

Mahindra Bolero: You can save even more on the Bolero purchase of one of the best-selling SUVs. The SUV has a cash discount of Rs 3,500, a corporate discount of 4,000 and an exchange bonus of Rs 10,000. The company is also offering a Shield warranty for the fourth year with this SUV. Its price ranges from Rs 7.64 lakh to Rs 9.01 lakh.

Mahindra Scorpio: You can save a huge amount on a Mahindra Scorpio purchase this January. The purchase of this SUV comes with a cash discount of Rs 10,000, a corporate discount of Rs 4,500, an exchange bonus of Rs 15,000 and a cash discount of Rs 10,000. Recently, the company has introduced its updated model in the market, priced from Rs 12.42 lakh to Rs 16.27 lakh.

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Mahindra Alturas G4: The company’s flagship model is heavily discounted and you can buy this SUV for Rs 2.2 lakh. With this SUV comes a cash discount of Rs 2.2 lakh, an exchange bonus of Rs 50,000 and Rs 16,000. Corporate concession and Rs 20,000 Its price ranges from Rs 28.72 lakh to Rs 31.72 lakh.

NOTE: Any information here about vehicle discounts is based on media reports. For complete information on discounts, please contact your nearest seller. The vehicles here are priced according to the Delhi ex-showroom.