TikTok download without watermark from any account

TikTok is the social network where trends start and where you can find valuable content to repost. Yes, by default, TikTok offers users the ability to download content directly from the app. But in this case, you will get a video with a watermark, and this may not look very aesthetically pleasing in the profile if you re-publish the video or make a montage of several clips.

Therefore, it is better to do TikTok video download using web services. They can extract any clip, even from an account that is protected from downloading. At the same time, the video that you download will not have a watermark, that is, you can easily reshare it without harming the aesthetics. One of the proven instant download services is BigBangram.

TikTok download: how it works

When you find a cool clip on social media, all you have to do is copy the link.

Next, go to the downloader’s website. One of the time-tested tools is Bigbangram. It allows you to download not only from TikTok, but also from other social networks and resources – Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and even songs from Soundcloud.

After inserting the link and searching for media files, you can quickly download it. Downloading the video will take no more than a few seconds.

Further in the download folder you will find those videos that you need.

How you can creatively use TikTok videos:

  • Download the video to make Reels out of it. This is a great way to engage your audience because Reels are able to get a lot of views from Explorer. The Instagram audience actively interacts with Reels and other types of video content. Therefore, by showing TikTok through Reels, you can increase organic user engagement and views.

Users may not care if you filmed the content yourself or found it on the Tiktok network. Therefore, even downloaded videos can bring more results than those shot by you personally. 

For executing this content strategy:

  • Select several accounts that publish content that is interesting to your audience. For example, if you sell cosmetics, subscribe to the top influencers who make tik tok videos about make-up, post tutorials and funny tips. Periodically download clips from there and share on Reels.
  • Post TikTok clips to stories. Short clips from TikTok can be great for stories. The more engagements you get on your stories, the more effective your content will be promoted by the Instagram algorithm.

Therefore, you also do not have to rack your brains over what to publish in Stories daily. The TikTok video section can become a favorite for your subscribers.

  • Download TikTok to post on Facebook. FB and TikTok users are usually different audiences and often these people may not see TikTok clips. Therefore, if you quickly share the top clips in the group with your clients on FB or on your personal page, you can attract the attention of followers.

To find trending videos, you need to track top social media hashtags and popular influencers. At the same time, it is important to focus on the tastes of your audience, age and visual preferences.

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