Tired of WhatsApp groups? Change this setting to end the problem

WhatsApp Groups have proven to be very useful for talking to your friends, family members and office-goers. But many people abuse WhatsApp groups. People create WhatsApp groups and add many people and start sending links to their service or product. Sometimes we are added to a group we don’t want. Such WhatsApp groups bother us.

The good thing is that there is such a setting in the privacy section of WhatsApp, which is why no one can add you to the WhatsApp group without your consent. Through this you can decide who can add you to the group. By default, ‘everyone’ is selected. This means that if you do not change the setting, someone can add you to their own set of wishes. Today we are telling you how to change it.

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You will not be able to add to the WhatsApp group without your consent

1. To use this feature, first open WhatsApp and tap the three-dot menu.

2. Tap on the settings option offered here, then go to account.

3. You should now go to Groups by clicking on the Privacy option.

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4. Everyone is already selected here. Instead you can choose My Contacts or My Contacts.

5. The ‘all’ option means any person can group you without your consent.

6. The ‘My Contact’ option means that only people on your contact list can group you.

7. Except for the people you choose in the ‘Exclude My Contacts’ option, other people may add you to the group.

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