Tired of WhatsApp notifications? Get rid of it without deleting the application

WhatsApp Chat users are very liked, but sometimes continuous notifications can be quite annoying. Voice notifications can be ignored by silencing the phone, but with this we are not even aware of incoming calls. Apart from voice notifications, screen preview notifications also sometimes act as distractions.

Today, WhatsApp is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family and that is why it’s difficult to uninstall WhatsApp from the phone. In such a situation, if you want to get rid of these WhatsApp notifications without deleting the app, we are going to tell you an easy trick. By using this trick, Android and iOS users can easily get rid of irritating WhatsApp notifications without deleting the app.

How to customize notifications for Android users
First go to the phone’s settings.
Manage notifications by selecting notifications.
– Tap WhatsApp from the list here.
– Here you can change the notification according to your need. Here you can turn off notifications completely. Moreover, if you wish, you can also turn off the top preview.
Here users can turn off or even turn on notifications such as sending media, calls and critical apps.
– To avoid receiving voice notifications when new messages arrive, you must toggle on the message notification.

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How to customize notifications on iOS
First open WhatsApp on your phone.
– Go to the settings option given at the bottom right of the screen.
Now tap on Notifications.
After this, you should disable the display preview option provided here.

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