Troll asked for a photo of Shekhar Suman’s luxury home – where did the money come from? The actor responded

There are some advantages and some disadvantages to becoming a celebrity. On the one hand, he receives love and support from his fans, and on the other hand, he too often falls under the trolls. Many celebrities ignore the demons, many give them a fitting answer and stop talking. Shekhar Suman recently shared a photo of his luxury home. This time the troll asked him where did this much money come from? Shekhar has stopped talking to Suman, giving him an appropriate answer.

Sharing a photo of their home, Shekhar Suman said, “My test is very simple. I like to have the best. “Troll asked about this – where did this much money come from? Shekhar Suman didn’t take it easy and responded with a bit of hard work, honesty and dedication. Then, in the next tweet, Shekhar Suman shared a photo of the news stars, who were known as TV’s Amitabh Bachchan. While sharing the photo, Shekhar “got it?”

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According to news reports, Shekhar Suman was charging six times more than the rest of the TV star at the time. A fan supporting Shekhar Suman wrote, “When Shekhar Suman’s show Movers and Shakers aired in the 90s, they were a big deal at Rs 1 lakh per episode. I may be wrong, but if I remember well, I read it well.”