Try Not To Make Fruit Custard This Summer, This Tasty Recipe Of ‘Bread Custard’, Learn How To Make It

Bread Custard Recipe: In the summer, the demand for fruit custard increases in every household. So try something different and delicious in your kitchen this summer. Let’s learn how to make bread custard. It is quick to prepare and delicious in food.

Ingredients for making bread custard –
-8-10 Broad
-2 large teaspoon custard powder
-1/2 liters of milk
-1/2 cup sugar
-5 drops daily essence
-2 large tablespoons finely chopped dry fruits

Method of making bread custard
To make the bread custard, first cut the edges of 8-10 braids and spread them in a large container. After this, separate the milk and boil the remaining milk. Add custard to the separated milk and mix well. When doing this, make sure there are no lumps of custard in the milk. When the milk boils, add the sugar and custard solution to it. Now cook until the milk thickens. After this, spread the prepared custard solution over the bread and garnish with dry fruit. After doing so, put the custard in the fridge for about 2 hours and serve when it’s cold.