Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Episode Update 23rd November 2020: Kalyani tries to snatch Haldi bowl

Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Episode Update 23rd November 2020: Kalyani tries to snatch Haldi bowl

The episode begins with Kalyani Mukku trying to stop her and asking her to give her a haldi. Dusty refuses. Kalyani tries to snatch Haldi bowl and Haldi falls on Kalyani’s face. Kalyani looks shocked. Moksha is delighted and says that Ai Phi has got Haldi. She is now going to marry the police and Ai Phi, who says it happens in the movies, who apply Haldi to the face, the same girl marrying the groom.

She asks Avni to cry and she says that now you cannot marry the police. Avni asks Sartak if she listened to him? Sarthak gets angry and says that such a girl can be my daughter. H says you will be locked up in a room. Moksha says I cannot get a police and bad aunty’s wedding. He leads Moksha to the room. Moksha says leave my hand. Sarthak says you will be arrested till the marriage is over. Kalyani comes there and asks Sarthak to open the door, saying that it is a little girl.

He asks the door of salvation to be opened. Sarthak says that after the marriage, Mukku will take him from there. Anupriya asks him not to be a virgin. Anupriya goes on. Sarthak says that if the nipple comes out before the marriage, I will take her here. He goes. Kalyani asks Mukku to let Malhar ji marry Avni and says that his love for her never ends even after Malhar’s marriage to Avni. She tells him that Malhar ji should marry Avni, sit down and cry. Moksha asks if you are fine.

Kalyani says I am fine. Moksha says if you are good, sing a song for me. Kalyani Kehte Hai Khuda… sung by Tuzse Hai Rabta… .Max sheds tears and sits there as a child. Kalyani sits and cries. Anupriya tells Sarthak not to act like this with a little girl. What do you think I would like to get angry at her for, says Sarthak, for whom we have made many mannats.

When I shout at her or get angry, she says I know you are in pain, but I feel more pain to do it. She says it is her responsibility to get her on the right path. Kalyani comes there and tells Anupriya that Kaka is okay, she should stay inside till the marriage is over.

Durga Prasad bows and awakens Moksha. How does he wake up and think how he slept? Durga asks Prasad to take him outside. Anupriya asks Kalyani to go from here and says that she is in pain to see Malhar getting married. Kalyani says that he has so much love and respect for Malhar Ji, he bore this idea as a symbol of true love.


Sarthak comes and asks where is Malhar. Malhar gets there. Sarthak asks him to come, he says it is time for Mahroot. Iron your clothes and put them in your room. Malhar gets upset and goes from there. Durga Prasad tries to open the bolt.

Malhar medicine Shashi goes out to throw a bottle. Kalyani stops him and says that it is your Shashi. Malhar says I now have a habit of tolerating anger and pain and being asked to throw drugs out. Kalyani opened the cupboard and took off her clothes. The envelope falls down, reports DNA. Kalyani takes it from her and asks her to get ready for marriage. Malhar goes furious.

Kalyani puts the blanket back, but it falls on the floor with clothes. Sartak tells anyone who has called him that he has not been to the office for 3-4 days. He sees Durga Prasad out of the room and asks if it will take care of Mukku, and walks out to look after her. Durga Prasad tries to unlock the door and pull the bolt.

Malhar sits at the wedding and sees Kalyani there. She says it is good that she has come, bless the flower petals on them now. Kalyani looks sad. Anupriya brings Avni and asks him to sit down with Malhar. Mukku Durga asks Prasad to help him get out because the police are marrying his bad aunt there. Pandit ji asks someone to do ghatbandhan. Sarthak asks Kalyani to do the honors. Anupriya says why does Kalyani do it? I will build Ghatbandhan. Kalyani says I will.

She takes the Ghatbandhan cloth. Koi Fariyad plays the song… Kalyani ties up Ghatbandhan .. Durga Prasad manages to slide the bolt and opens the door. He comes out of the salvation room. Kalyani cries and walks away, wiping away tears. Pandit Ji asks Malhar and Avni to stand as rounds. Moksha comes there and asks him to stop and says that the police and the bad aunt cannot marry.

Prerequisite: Sartak asks Moksha / Mukku why he / she does not want Malhar and Avni to marry. Avni says that Kalyani is teaching her all the wrong things and that this is not a girl but Kalyani’s fault. Moksha asks why are you blaming my ai phi. She falls on Avni. Sartak tries to take salvation. Salvation accidentally pushes Avni and cotton comes out of Avni’s baby bump. Everyone is shocked to see her fake pregnancy.